What tea does Che Yunshan produce?

What tea does Che Yunshan produce?

Characteristics of Cheyunshan Maojian Tea

Cheyunshan Maojian tea is tight, thin, round and straight, with exposed edges and corners, emerald green color, uniform buds and leaves, strong aroma, mature chestnut aroma, mellow and fresh taste, bright yellow-green soup color, and the bottom of tender green leaves.

Cheyunshan Maojian is a roasted green tea made by tea farmer Wu Yanyuan on the basis of inheriting the traditional crafts of local tea. Fresh leaves are usually picked before and after Grain Rain. One bud and one leaf or one bud and two leaves are required to be tender, uniform, clean and fresh. They are processed through raw pot, cooked pot, and baking.

What tea does Che Yunshan produce?

The brewing method of Cheyunshan Maojian tea

One, the choice of tea set

Most of the high-end and delicate Cheyunshan Maojian use glass cups or white porcelain cups to make tea without using a lid, which increases the transparency and makes it convenient for people to taste tea; fresh taste. After selecting the tea set, brew and wash with boiling water one by one, clean the utensils, and increase the fun of drinking tea.

2. Bubble tea

There are generally two brewing methods for the famous Cheyunshan Maojian brewing according to the tightness of the tea leaves.

The first is the up vote method:It is suitable for Cheyunshan Maojian with a firm shape, that is, first pour boiling water of 75-85 degrees Celsius into the cup, then take the tea and put it in, and the Cheyunshan Maojian will slowly sink.

The second is the CIC method:For Cheyunshan Maojian with loose ropes, the medium-throw method is generally used, that is, pour a quarter of boiling water, then pour the tea, wait for a while, and then pour the water into the cup.

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