What kind of tea is there in Hainan?

1. Fill with tea

Shuimancha is a wild big-leaf tea from Wuzhi Mountain. Shuimancha is born in the mist for many years. There is the essence of heaven and earth, mellow and sweet. It is a rare zero-pollution alpine wild tea in my country. Mainly distributed in Wuzhishan. There are mainly two kinds of green tea and black tea.

What kind of tea is there in Hainan?

Shuiman tea is characterized by brewing resistance, strong rope, high and lasting aroma, yellow-green color and rich taste.

2. Baisha Green Tea

Baisha green tea has both the high-quality aroma of small and medium-leaf tea varieties, and the rich and mellow aroma of large-leaf tea varieties.

Baisha green tea is compact, uniform, sessile, green and lustrous, with a strong and lasting aroma, the soup color is bright yellow and green, the bottom of the leaves is tender and even, the taste is rich, mellow and fresh, and it has a sweet aftertaste after drinking. When the continuous brewing product is on the table, it has the brewing resistance of “one opening and two openings, three openings and four openings, and five openings and six openings gradually decreasing”.

3. Langguiren tea

Hainan Wuzhishan Languiren tea is made from Hainan Wuzhishan green tea, with high-quality auspicious skin, Kuding tea,American ginseng powder is carefully prepared.

What kind of tea is there in Hainan?

Languiren tea has the characteristics of curly tea shape, firmness, moderate particle size, uniform roundness and emerald green color. The flavor is strong, the ginseng flavor is strong, and the sweetness is strong.

4. Wuzhishan Black Tea

Wuzhishan black tea has the typical characteristics of “amber soup, milk fragrance and honey fragrance”. The shape of its tea leaves is firm and thick, brown and greasy; .

5. Mannings Partridge Tea

Partridge tea, also known as mountain bitter tea, belongs to the local specialty tea category in Hainan and is a national geographical indication product. Wanning Partridge Tea is a unique wild tea with a round and sweet taste. This tea is sweet and refreshing, with a good smell of medicine. It has the effects of lowering blood pressure, losing weight, strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, and preventing colds.

6. Chengmai Kudingcha

What kind of tea is there in Hainan?

The leaves of Chengmai Kudingcha are thick and soft, the strips are firm and oily, the soup color is yellow and green, clear and bright, the taste is fresh and refreshing, the aroma is fragrant, and it is extremely resistant to brewing. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, protecting the liver and detoxifying, reducing inflammation, and facilitating convenience. It is known as “longevity tea” and “beauty tea”.

7. Haikou pandan tea

The aroma of pandan black tea is sweet and pure, the taste is rich and refreshing, and the soup is red and bright; the aroma of pandan green tea is fresh and pure, the color of the soup is bright yellow and green, and the taste is mellow and sweet.

8. Island Black Tea

China Island Black Tea uses Wuzhishan black tea as raw material, adopts the tea-making method combining traditional Li nationality and modern technology, retains the taste of pure Hainan Li nationality traditional Wuzhishan black tea, and has the characteristics of “black and golden”. , red and bright amber, tea fragrance. Fresh, mellow and long-lasting” features.

What kind of tea is there in Hainan?

9. Wuzhishan Green Tea

Wuzhishan green tea is emerald green and lustrous, with tight and straight strands. It has the characteristics of high lasting aroma, strong aftertaste, and resistance to brewing.

10. Wuzhishan Snow Sprout

Wuzhishan Snow Tea is made from the fresh and tender leaf buds of Wuzhishan Wild Snow Tea using modern advanced tea-making technology. Qi Ruxue and other characteristics. Wuzhishan Snow Tea has a bitter taste and a sweet aftertaste.

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