What are the famous teas in Zhenghe County, Fujian?

What kind of tea is produced in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Introduction to Zhenghe Tea Production Area

Zheng He has a long history of tea production. According to records, tea trees were planted as early as the Tang Dynasty, and during the Song and Yuan Dynasties, it was one of the famous “Beiyuan tribute tea” origins. Legend has it that in the five years of Zhenghe in the Northern Song Dynasty, Song Huizong was refreshed after tasting the tribute tea, and gave the county name “Zhenghe” as the place name, which is still in use today. During the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, Jiangxi tea merchants came to politics and made black tea, and it was named Gongfu black tea because it took a long time to make it by hand. White peony was first produced in Jianou County, Fujian Province. In 1922, Zhenghe County began production and gradually became the main producing area of ​​white peony.

Zhenghe Kung Fu Black Tea

Introduction of Zhenghe Kung Fu Tea

Zhenghe Gongfu black tea is a combination of large white tea varieties and small leaf tea varieties. Zheng He Gongfu black tea has a thick appearance, dark brown and oily color, and golden buds. The brewed Zhenghe Gongfu black tea has a rich aroma and a mellow taste.

Zheng He's white peony

Introduction of white peony tea

White peony is a type of white tea. It is made of white tea and narcissus as raw materials, and spring tea and white fluff as raw materials. Because the tea leaves are not fried and kneaded, they have a natural shape and look similar to green tea, but because they have undergone a certain degree of fermentation, they are more durable than black tea and do not have the bitter taste of black tea.the fragrance is more mellow.

White peony tea is thick and rich, dark gray-green in color, and covered with white fluff on the back of the leaves. The brewed white peony soup is clear, apricot-yellow or orange-yellow, with light gray at the bottom and reddish veins.

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