What is Bajiaoting Longxu Tea?

What is Dragon Beard Tea?

Bajiaoting Longxu Tea is a type of Oolong tea. The production process includes fixing, rolling, molding, baking and other processes. Of these, the most critical part of modeling is called peeling. The specific method is to peel the green tea leaves one by one. , divide into two long and short pieces, lay flat, upper long and lower short, mix short pieces and leaves in the middle, then fix both ends with colored lines, then trim the roots, and finally merge the two pieces.

The made dragon mustard tea has a strong body, similar to dragon mustard, and is dark green; after brewing, the soup color is orange-yellow, and the taste is mellow, and it lasts for a long time after brewing.

What is Bajiaoting Longxu Tea?

The identification method of Longxu tea

In appearance, Bajiaoting Long Mustard Tea is shaped like a “dragon beard”. It is thick, straight and dark green in color. However, poor-quality Bajiaoting Longxu tea is mostly loose, green and impure in color.

In terms of aroma, the best Bajiaoting Longxu tea not only has the aroma of green tea. It has a fresh floral fragrance. If the aroma contained in the tea is too strong, it is mostly caused by the presence of human cloves.

From the internal quality point of view, after the Bajiaoting Longxu tea is brewed, the soup color is orange-yellow, clear and bright. In the mouth, the taste is rich and mellow, fresh and sweet. The base of the leaves is uniform and complete. Moreover, the tea leaves of the tea are brewed and durable. If the bottom of the leaves is scattered and the color of the soup is cloudy, it is an inferior star anise tea.

The Legend of Dragon Beard Tea

According to legend, there is a phoenix in the octagonal pavilion. Because he was envious of the Dahongpao tea from Jiulongchao, he asked Long Ge who was guarding the Dahong Pao tea tree for tea seedlings, and Long Ge readily agreed. While handing the tea seedlings, he also pulled out a few strands of dragon whiskers and instructed Phoenix: The dragon needs to be planted with the tea seedlings.

Phoenix obeyed one by one, and the tea saplings grew very well. When picking tea in spring, Phoenix remembered the dragon beard given by his brother Long, and named the tea Dragon Beard Tea.

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