What is the most famous tea in Houkeng, Anhui Province?

What is the most famous tea in Houkeng, Anhui Province?

What tea does Houkeng Taiping Houkui belong to?

Taiping Houkui is a pointed-shaped roasted green tea. Generally speaking, it is picked before Grain Rain and ends before the beginning of summer, and the picking time is short. Picking Taiping Houkui usually has special requirements: the weather should be sunny or cloudy at noon, fresh leaves should choose one bud, three or four leaves, and the “four selections” are emphasized: the first selection sits on the cloud-shrouded tea mountain facing the south; the second selection is vigorously growing The tea tree; three are strong and straight twigs; four are plump and long fresh leaves. The fresh leaves after picking are processed and produced through four processes: greening, hair drying, feeding, and re-roasting.

The quality characteristics of Taiping Houkui

Taiping Houkui has two leaves with buds, flat and straight, naturally stretched, and hidden pekoe. The leaves are pale green and evenly moist, the veins are green and reddish, commonly known as “red silk thread”; the orchid fragrance is high and refreshing, the taste is mellow and sweet, the soup color is clear and green, the bottom of the leaves is green and even and bright, and the buds and leaves are plump.

What is the most famous tea in Houkeng, Anhui Province?

The color, fragrance, taste and shape of Taiping Houkui are all unique: the whole body is covered with pekoe, which is contained but not exposed. When you taste it, it is fragrant, mellow and refreshing, and has an endless aftertaste.

Taiping Houkuiqi finished tea is straight, slightly pointed at both ends, flat and even, thick and sturdy, with pekoe all over the body, lush but not conspicuous, contained but not exposed, pale green in color, and the main vein of the leaves is the color of pig liver, like olives; into a cup Brewing, the buds and leaves are slowly unfolded and released into flowers, two leaves hold one bud, either hanging or sinking; the tea soup is clear and green, and the aroma is high and refreshing.

What is the most famous tea in Houkeng, Anhui Province?

Introduction of Taiping Houkui Origin

Taiping Houkui is produced in the Xinming area of ​​Huangshan District (formerly Taiping County) at the northern foot of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. The area is low temperature and humid, with fertile soil and clouds. The main production areas are located in Houkeng, Hougang and Yanjia in Sanmen Village, Xinming Township. In particular, the sharp tea produced in Houkeng Alpine Tea Garden is of the best quality.

The tea gardens planting Taiping Houkui are all distributed in the middle and low mountains above 350 meters, and the soil is mostly black sandy loam, the soil layer is deep and rich in organic matter. Chashan is mostly located in the south facing north, and it is located on the ridge slope of the half-yin and half-yang. The origin is low temperature and humid, the soil is fertile, and the clouds are shrouded.

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