The legend of Hangzhou Tiger Running Spring

The legend of Hangzhou Tiger Running Spring

The legend of tiger running spring

Legend has it that before the Tang Dynasty, there was no spring water here, and monks wandered here with peculiar smells and emptiness.

One day two brothers came. They were very powerful. One was called Dahu and the other was Erhu. The two of them heard that the monk Xingkong was going to build a monastery and decided to help him. The two brothers went up to the West Lake outside Daci Mountain every morning to fetch water, but just walking on shoulders and feet, the amount of water was obviously not enough, and monk Xingkong was worried about this.

Suddenly one day, the big tiger thought that he had seen Tongzi Spring when he was in Hengshan Mountain in Nanyue, so he wanted to move it. So the two brothers set off and trudged through the mountains and water to reach the Tongzi Spring. The fairy boy who guarded the spring told the two that they needed to become a tiger before they could move the Shenquan. The two brothers readily agreed. After the two turned into tigers, the fairy boy pulled out the spring’s eyes and camel to the two tigers, and rode on the big tiger to fly to the West Lake. .

The monk Xingkong was meditating here, and dreamed of a tiger digging the ground. When he woke up, he found a spring, but the tiger shadow was not seen. The monk Xingkong knew that this was the essence of the two tigers, so he named the spring water Hupao Spring.

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