What is the famous tea in Putuo Mountain, Zhejiang?

What is the famous tea in Putuo Mountain, Zhejiang?

Quality characteristics of Putuo Buddha tea

Putuo Buddha tea is half-roasted green tea picked around Qingming each year. The standard for picking fresh leaves is one bud and one leaf or one bud and two leaves, which are processed and produced by fixing, rolling and drying.

After being brewed, Buddha tea has a peculiar shape, tight and thin, curled into a spiral shape, and emerald green in color. .

Introduction to the Origin of Putuo Buddha Tea

The highest peak of Mount Putuo, Mount Foding, has a temperate oceanic climate. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, humid in four seasons, fertile land, dense forest, shrouded in clouds and mist, and moist dew before sunrise. In addition, most of the tea trees are distributed on the sunny side of the mountain peaks and sheltered places on the mountain, which provide a very advantageous natural environment for the growth of tea trees.

What is the famous tea in Putuo Mountain, Zhejiang?

The Legend of Putuo Buddha Tea

According to legend, in the Tang Dynasty, the Japanese monk Hui came to China to study and got a Guanyin Buddha statue when offering sacrifices to Mount Wutai. Later, he returned to China by boat with the Guanyin Buddha statue. When he passed the Xinluo Reef on the edge of Putuo Mountain, hundreds of iron lotus flowers suddenly appeared on the sea, blocking the way of the boat. The monk Huicai understood that Guanyin would not go abroad, so he said: “If all living beings in our country have no chance to see the Buddha, they should build a temple according to the instructions.” Huiqi abandoned the boat and went ashore, leaving the statue of Guanyin and building a temple.

Later, because the “Huayan Sutra” said that the sound of creation is in Putuo Luojia, it is called “Putuo”. Since then, Mount Putuo has become a dojo for the worship of Guanyin, commonly known as “South China Sea”. There are many temples on the mountain, including Puji Temple, Fayu Temple, Changsheng Temple, Pantuo Temple, Lingshi Temple and so on. The land on the mountain is owned by the monastery, and the tea is picked and brewed by the monks for the monks of the monastery to worship Buddha and guests, so it is called “Buddha tea”.

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