The efficacy and role of orange peel

Original title: The efficacy and role of orange peel, June 26, 17:00, orange is a very delicious fruit, slightly sour in sweetness, and very watery

Original title: The efficacy and role of orange peel, June 26, 17:00, orange is a very delicious fruit. It is sweet and slightly sour, and has a lot of water. It is one of the fruits that everyone likes very much. Don’t throw away the orange peel after eating the orange, it’s useful to keep it. Let’s take a look at the efficacy and role of orange peel.

Clinical efficacy of orange peel and its effects

1. Orange peel can prevent motion sickness

One hour before getting on the bus, use fresh orange peels, fold them inward into double layers, aim at the nostrils, squeeze and squeeze the orange peels with your fingers, and countless strands of fine orange oil mist will be sprayed from the peels and inhaled into the nostrils. Continue to squeeze and inhale at any time after getting in the car, which can effectively prevent motion sickness.

2. Orange peel can cure cough

Use 5 grams of dried orange peel, add 2 cups of water to decoction, add a small amount of minced ginger and brown sugar to take while hot: You can also take an appropriate amount of fresh orange peel, chop it up and brew with boiling water, add sugar instead of tea, it has the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough .

3. Orange peel can cure chronic bronchitis

5 to 15 grams of orange peel, soaked in water as tea, commonly used.

4. Orange peel can relieve bloating

Use fresh orange peel to soak in boiling water, add an appropriate amount of sugar to make orange peel tea.

5. Orange peel can lower blood pressure

Cut the orange peel into shreds and dry it for use as a pillow.

6. Orange peel can cure burns

Rub the affected area with a rotten orange to cure burns.

7. Orange peel can cure constipation

Wash the orange peel, cut into filaments, add some sugar and honey, boil and cool, take 1 tablespoon each time, three times a day, it can cure constipation.

8. Orange peel can cure bad breath

30 grams of orange peel, decoction instead of tea, cure bad breath.

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