Glass tea set necessary for green tea brewing, 3 simple steps to retain the essence of green tea

Everyone knows that the best brewing device for drinking green tea is a glass tea set, so why is a glass tea set the most suitable for brewing green tea? How to brew green tea with a glass tea set so that the effective nutrients in the tea can be retained to the greatest extent and completely? What small details should be paid attention to when brewing green tea? Next, we will share about the brewing of green tea and the tea utensils used for green tea.

【Choose soft water for brewing】

Most of our tap water now contains some more disinfecting chlorine gas, and these waters stay in the water pipes for a long time, and also contain a lot of metal iron elements. If you use these tea water to make tea, it will seriously damage the aroma and taste of tea. color, and if the iron content is too high, it will turn the tea soup brown. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right tea water. Soft water is our ideal tea water. If you use this water to make tea, the tea soup will be clearer and brighter, the aroma will be stronger, and the overall taste will be more mellow. This so-called soft water can generally be obtained by heating it with different appliances, or we can directly purchase a water with a relatively high mineral content. The best material for softening water is a silver pot or an iron pot. The water heated by these two kinds of pots is more delicate in water quality. When brewing tea, it is more conducive to dissolving the beneficial components in the tea, so that the tea soup looks more shiny and tastes better.

[Suitable temperature for brewing]

In the brewing of green tea, because green tea itself is an unfermented tea, the tea leaves retain nutrients such as chlorophyll, caffeine, tea polyphenols, and vitamin C to the greatest extent. Excessive temperature will destroy the internal structure of these nutrients. Therefore, when brewing, it is generally best to use a brewing temperature of 70~85 degrees, and this kind of water is brewed with water that has been boiled and cooled to 70~85 degrees, rather than boiling to this temperature. . Especially for some famous green teas, the water temperature requirements are even more particular. Too high temperature will reduce the fragrance and freshness of the tea leaves, and the bottom of the leaves will turn yellow. In this case, the famous tea is no longer a famous tea. , lost the value of famous tea.

【Choose the right brewing equipment】

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the selection of suitable tea utensils, 75~80 degrees, which is completely within the temperature range that the glass can withstand. Generally, the glass tea utensils will not burst when brewing at this temperature. Another glass is transparent. Let us see more intuitively, the dancing posture of the green tea buds and leaves in the water, and the color of the soup will also change at different levels with different waters. A visual sensory enjoyment that adds to our tea tasting.

In short, brewing green tea must pay attention to the choice of brewing water and utensils. Only in this way can the brewed tea soup be clearer and brighter, the aroma is pure but not dull, the taste is fresh but not vulgar, it is delicious to drink, and it is dynamic as a result. Both spiritual and material enjoyment. I believe that this kind of beauty can only be given to you by glass tea sets.

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