Tea culture knowledge, what ingredients do common tea sets contain

As the saying goes: If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. It is no exaggeration to say that a set of tea sets is the premise of making a good pot of tea. Drinking tea is not only drinking tea, but also the process of drinking tea. It is a process of harmony between body, mind and tea. The tea set is the process of drinking tea. an important part of the process.

So what are our common teas? What kind of tea set should we choose?Tea culture knowledge, what ingredients do common tea sets contain

Tea culture knowledge: tea props group

Tea rulers, tea clips, tea leaks, tea hairpins, tea trays, etc., are often placed in a tube for easy use, which is called a tea set.

Tea (spoon): A utensil for scooping tea leaves from a teapot.

Tea clip: used to clip cups when washing small cups, or to clip various ingredients when making tea with ingredients.

Leaking tea: Put it on the spout when pouring tea, so that the tea can be easily poured into the pot.

Tea hairpin (tea needle, tea pass): used to pass through the spout.

Tea tray: Divide the tea leaves from the tea lotus into a teapot or gaiwan.

The tea hairpin and the tea tray can be combined into one: a pointed end can be used as a tea hairpin, and the other end can be made into a wide and flat shape as a tea tray.

Sometimes we cut off two green bamboo branches, which can easily replace the tea clips and tea trays.

Cup holder: It is convenient to put small cups into the saucer, and avoid touching the mouth of the cup with your hands.

Tea towel: Generally use cotton towel with good water absorption. Used to wipe the matcha tea set and dry the water on the pot and cup. It is recommended to use dark materials to avoid unsightly after tea stains.

Of course, in addition to the above, there are some more important ones as follows. Now introduce the tea set for you:

Tea Culture Knowledge: Smell the Cup

The taste of tea belongs not only to the mouth, but also to the nose. The tea smell is pure, it must be a good tea. If you drink tea, ask me about the aroma of the tea.

Slim body, ceramic. It is recommended to be used with a drinking tea cup, and is often used to smell the aroma of oolong tea soup.Tea culture knowledge, what ingredients are included in common tea sets

Tea culture knowledge: drink cup

There are three commonly used drinking cups, one is a white porcelain cup, one is a purple sand cup, and the other is a glass cup, which is convenient for checking the color of the soup.

Different materials, styles and sizes of cups will have different effects on the taste of tea soup.

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