Beijing Tongzhou Baliqiao Market Banana Wholesale Area Released from Control

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The Tongzhou District of Beijing announced that after a comprehensive assessment, the Banana Wholesale Area of ​​Baliqiao Market has reached the conditions for lifting the temporary control.

After the banana wholesale area of ​​Baliqiao Market is lifted, the market will further strengthen epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement various normal epidemic prevention and control measures such as code scanning, temperature measurement, sterilization, and 1-meter noodles, and implement market employees and environment. , regular monitoring of articles and outer packaging.

It is understood that on March 30, a third-party nucleic acid testing agency reported that during the normalized nucleic acid testing work in Baliqiao Market, some environmental samples from warehouse No. 6 in the banana wholesale area were detected as positive. Tongzhou District immediately set up a special working group, organized relevant departments to go to the scene with the district CDC and territorial medical institutions for disposal. On the same day, a comprehensive sampling and testing of the environment, articles and outer packaging of the epidemic-related banana wholesale area was carried out, and nucleic acid positive points were detected. There are 57 places, and after research and judgment, the temporary control and management of the banana wholesale area of ​​Baliqiao Market is carried out.

From March 30th to April 3rd, in addition to Baliqiao Market Banana Wholesale Area, Tongzhou District has completed 5 rounds of personnel, goods and packaging, and environmental nucleic acid testing in Baliqiao Market, and the test results were all negative. All epidemic-related items in the banana wholesale area have been disposed of as medical waste, and all epidemic-related personnel have been controlled as required, and terminal disinfection has been completed in the control area.

Before and after the removal of epidemic-related items on April 4 and 5, the district CDC and Yongshun Community Health Service Center conducted nucleic acid tests on items and environments in the banana wholesale area of ​​Baliqiao Market. A total of 480 key locations were collected, and the test results were all Negative. According to the judgment of the disease control agency, the banana wholesale area of ​​Baliqiao Market has met the conditions for lifting the control.

I would like to remind the general public to go to regular supermarkets or markets to buy fresh and fruit food, pay attention to the origin, source, imported food quarantine and other relevant information, and scan the “Beijing Cold Chain” traceability code to view imported cold chain food Product inspection inspection and traceability information. When purchasing, wear masks correctly, maintain hand hygiene, and avoid direct contact with food. When purchasing FCL or pre-packaged food, the packaging surface can be appropriately sterilized. Wash raw vegetables and fruits thoroughly with running water, and pay attention to hand hygiene before and after consumption. When processing imported cold chain food, pay attention to separate raw and cooked utensils such as containers, cutting boards, kitchen knives, and place them separately. Pay attention to clean your hands, do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands to prevent cross-contamination. After processing, the kitchen environment and utensils should be thoroughly disinfected, cleaned, and the kitchen should be ventilated.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Zewei

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