What tea is produced in Jing County, Anhui

What tea is produced in Jing County, Anhui

Introduction of tea producing areas in Jingxian County

Jingxian Yongxi Huoqing tea is mainly produced in the Fengkeng, Pankeng and Shijingkeng Wan Toushan area of ​​Dongyongxi Mountain in Jingxian County. Here the valley is deep, the mountains are misty, and the ecological conditions are unique, which provides high-quality raw materials for Yongxi Huo green tea.

Characteristics of Yongxi Fire Green Tea

Yongxi Huoqing is a round deep-fried green tea, made from the tender leaves of one bud and two leaves, which are processed by fixing, rolling, spreading, and screening. The prepared Yongxi Huoqing granules are plump, firm, dark green, smooth, and appear pekoe; after brewing, the soup color is light green and yellowish, the flower fragrance is strong, the taste is mellow, and the bottom of the leaves is tender and even.

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