Yixing Famous Tea – What kind of tea does Yangxian Xueya belong to?

Yixing Famous Tea - What kind of tea does Yangxian Xueya belong to?

Quality characteristics of Yangxian Xueya

Yangxian snow buds are picked from Qingming to Guyu. The standard of fresh leaves is one bud and one leaf, which is half-opened. Yangxian snow buds are formed into tea strips, and the cords are tight and straight with sharp sprouts, and the color is emerald green. The aroma is elegant, the taste is fresh and mellow, the soup color is clear and bright, and the bottom of the leaves is tender and complete.

Introduction to the origin of Yangxian Xueya

The origin of Yangxian Xueya—Yixing tea area is a transitional monsoon climate zone from the central subtropical to the north subtropical, with four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, moderate temperature, abundant light, heat and water climate resources and good configuration. The annual average temperature is 15.7°C, the average temperature in July is 28.6°C, the average temperature in January is 2.7°C, and the annual temperature difference is 25.9°C. The direct solar radiation is small, but its scattering is abundant, which is very beneficial to the growth of tea trees that like scattered light.

Yixing Famous Tea - What kind of tea does Yangxian Xueya belong to?

Yixing was also called Yangxian in ancient times. It has a long history of tea production. There was a record of tea production in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, the tribute tea produced in this area was collectively called Yangxian tea. The Tang Dynasty poet Lu Tong once wrote the poem “The emperor has not tasted Yangxian tea, and all the herbs dare not bloom first”, which shows the status of Yangxian tea at that time. In 1984, in order to restore the historical reputation of Yixing tea, under the initiative and auspices of Zhang Zhicheng, a scholar in the tea industry, according to Su Shi’s sentence “Xueya I seek Yangxian, Rushui Jun should pay Huishan”, re-shape and set the craft, in 1985. In 2008, Yangxian Xueya was successfully created.

Yangxian Xueya authentic origin

Yangxian Xueya is produced in nine towns (Zhangzhu, Xizhu, Taihua, Xinjie, Dingshu, Hufu, Xushe, Yicheng and Huankeyuan) in the hilly mountainous area of ​​Yixing City, the first city on the west bank of Taihu Lake. Garden), the suitable area for growing tea is 8,000 hectares.

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