Senior tea masters teach you how to properly brew green tea with a glass

Everyone in life may have one or two friends who like to drink tea. They like drinking tea not only for the sweetness of tea soup, but also for the quiet mood and enjoyment at the moment of making tea, but you really Can you make tea? Today, the editor will briefly introduce the correct steps to brew green tea in a glass cup.


Prepare uncut transparent glass cups (depending on the number of people tasting tea), tea cans, kettles (water boilers), tea lotuses, tea spoons, tea towels, and water bowls.

【Tea appreciation】

Use a teaspoon to gently pour an appropriate amount of tea leaves from the tea pot into the tea lotus, so that guests can enjoy the appearance and aroma of the dry tea. If necessary, briefly introduce the quality characteristics and cultural background of the tea leaves to be brewed, so as to attract tea tasters. of interest.

Because the dried green tea (especially the famous green tea) is delicate and fragile, when taking the tea from the tea tin into the tea lotus, use a teaspoon to gently remove it, or turn the tea tin gently to pour out the tea leaves. If tea is disabled, take it out, so as not to break the dry tea.

【Sanitary Ware】

Lay the glass open, or arrange it in an arc, pour 1/3 cup of boiling water in sequence, then start from the left, hold the glass body with your right hand, hold the bottom of the glass with your left hand, gently rotate the body of the glass, and place the glass in the glass. The boiling water is poured into the water bowl in turn.

Cleaning the tea set in person is not only a courtesy to the guests, but also allows the glass to be preheated to avoid bursting during the formal brewing.

【Set tea】

Use a teaspoon to pour the tea leaves in the tea lotus one by one into the teacup to brew. 1g of tea per 50ml. capacity.

【Warm foam】

Pour moderate boiling water from the kettle into the cup, the water temperature is 80~85 ℃, and the amount of water is about 1/4 of the capacity of the tea cup. Be careful not to pour the boiling water directly on the tea leaves, but hit the inner wall of the glass cup to avoid Burn the tea leaves. The brewing time should be within 15s.


Hold the boiling kettle and pour water with “phoenix three nods” high-flushing, so that the tea leaves in the cup are rolled up and down, which helps to extract the substances contained in the tea leaves, and the concentration of the tea soup is consistent up and down. Generally, pour water into the cup until it is 70% full.

【Serving tea】

Hold the cup lightly with the right hand (be careful not to pinch the mouth of the cup), hold the bottom of the cup with the left hand, and bring the tea to the guests with both hands, and place it in a position where it is convenient for the guests to extract and drink. After the tea is set, extend the right hand to the guest, make a “please” gesture, or say “please taste the tea”

I hope the above simple sharing is helpful to you.

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