How to drink Cangshan Snow Green?

How to soak Cangshan snow green


For Cangshan green tea, glass cups or white porcelain cups are generally used to drink tea, and there is no need to use a cover, which increases the transparency and facilitates people to appreciate the tea; As for ordinary green tea, because it is not appreciating the taste of tea, but quenching thirst, or drinking tea to talk, or serving snacks, or expressing friendship, teapots can also be used to make tea, which is called “brewing in a tender teacup and brewing in an old teapot”.

How to drink Cangshan Snow Green?

sanitary ware

It is to brew and wash the selected tea sets with boiling water one by one to clean the utensils and add tea drinking fun. Viewing tea: For the delicate and famous green tea, it is usually necessary to observe the tea before brewing it. When viewing tea, first take a cup of dry tea and place it on white paper, so that the drinker can first appreciate the color and shape of the dry tea, and then smell the fragrance, so as to fully appreciate the natural charm of the famous green tea. For ordinary bulk green tea, the process of viewing tea can generally be omitted.


For the brewing of famous green tea, generally depending on the degree of tightness of the tea, two methods are used for brewing: one is the upper-casting method, which is suitable for high-end famous green tea with a tight shape, such as West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluochun, Mengding Ganlu, and Jing. Camellia, Lushan cloud and mist, Yongxi fire green, Cangshan snow green, etc., that is, first flush the boiling water of 75-85 degrees Celsius into the cup, then take the tea and put it in, and the tea will slowly sink. For high-grade and famous green tea with relatively loose strands, the medium-to-injection method is generally used, that is, the tea is placed first, and then poured into boiling water. As for ordinary green tea, of course, the tea is set first and then rinsed.

tea appreciation

This is for high-end famous green tea. During the process of brewing tea, drinkers can watch the appearance of tea, the changes of tea soup, the dispersion of tea smoke, and the final image of tea and soup, so as to appreciate the natural nature of tea. graceful.

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