Is the Chinese vaccine effective against the mutated new coronavirus?there are results

Recently, the new crown vaccine has begun to be vaccinated on a large scale, but at the same time, the new crown virus has undergone various mutations in South Africa, the United Kingdom and other places, causing concern: Is the existing vaccine still effective against the mutant virus?

According to Xinhua News Agency, Yang Xiaoming, chairman of Sinopharm Group China Biotechnology Company, revealed that,When Sinopharm China Bio’s new coronavirus inactivated vaccine was launched, it conducted cross-neutralization protection tests on new coronavirus strains from different sources around the world. From the data obtained, the vaccine is broad-spectrum protection and has good cross-neutralization of strains from different regions of the world.

The tests for the mutant strains found in the UK are currently underway, and the preliminary results are not bad and can be protected.

Yang Xiaoming also said that due to individual differences, each person’s sensitivity to the new crown vaccine is not the same, so the time to form protection after the vaccine is also different.

Judging from the phased analysis of the Phase III clinical trial of the China Bio-New Crown Inactivated Vaccine of the former Sinopharm Group, antibodies can be produced 10 days after the first injection, but there is a big difference in the production of antibodies between different people, so Xiu took the second injection.

After two shots of the fire-fighting vaccine, high titer antibodies can be produced in 14 days, forming effective protection, and the positive conversion rate of neutralizing antibodies in the whole population is 99%.

According to Wang Huaqing, chief expert of the immunization program of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in order to facilitate accurate monitoring of adverse reactions,The new crown vaccine and other vaccines should be administered separately, at least two weeks apartincluding the HPV cervical cancer vaccine, with the exception of the rabies vaccine, which is more important and must be vaccinated as soon as it is needed (otherwise the fatality rate is 100%).

In addition, the vast majority of allergies to food, pets, pollen, etc. are not contraindications to vaccination, but they also need to tell the truth, and it is up to the doctor to determine whether or not to be vaccinated.if you are inSevere episodes of rhinitis, or severe reactions due to other allergiesyou should wait for symptoms to subside before getting vaccinated.

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