My best friend and I both want a spring jewelry box

Forward it to your injustice best friend and let her arrange it for you.

Yiping was jealous when she saw it, and Ruping saw the jewelry box she wanted, who wouldn’t be moved? But even more exciting is the jewelry in the jewelry box!

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A romantic spring date is waiting for you. Don’t worry about how to match the date. The vibrant and colorful jewelry is enough to light up the beauty of spring easily.

The revival of nature brings everything to life, such as the flower-like Gucci Flora jewelry collection. Rings, earrings and necklaces with diamond-encrusted flower shapes and the iconic double G element reflect the radiance of early spring.

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When it comes to Bulgari flowers, how can we not mention the FIOREVER series. Inspired by the four-petaled flower in Rome, the flower combines bold lines, exquisite contours and three-dimensional beauty. The hollowed-out petals are embellished with diamonds, which are generous and dazzling, exuding the natural beauty of spring.

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Sisters who like roses can take a look at Piaget. The rose jewelry of the Rose series is quite different from other rose jewelry. The petals are sharp and the geometric sense is strong. It integrates noble elegance with personality and fashion, which is both beautiful and has its own unique style.

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DIOR’s roses are also unique. This year, DIOR launched a new LA ROSE DIOR series, with a total of 4 jewelry. Among them, COCO likes the ROSE DIOR COUTURE series the most. The small, round rose stamens are like roses in buds, with an elegant and free French romance.

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CHANEL’s CAMÉLIA series focuses on the camellia. The beautiful and rounded curves of the flowers are presented in an abstract freehand way, which is fresh and elegant, and has a cool taste.

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The sprouting of natural plants and the gradual enrichment of colors herald the end of the icy winter. In the Marco Bicego Jaipur collection, colored gemstones are faceted with a prismatic facet, making colored jewelry sparkle, just like the breath of spring.

Necklace: 40300 RMB

Bracelet: 28700 RMB

Harry Winston’s most popular Forget-Me-Not series is inspired by forget-me-nots. The petals composed of 6 gems carry a dreamy girl’s heart, which is very suitable for this spring season.

▲Forget-Me-Not pink sapphire and diamond pendant

▲Forget-Me-Not pink sapphire and diamond ring

The flowers are blooming, Bigbang is back, and the little daisies brought by DG are also new! Buccellati’s daisy jewelry, with low-key and gorgeous gold and silver as the main color, easily shows the coolness of girls. The daisies of the Blossoms Colour series, the stamens are inlaid with colored agate, warm and romantic~

In addition to flowers and colors, small animal elements are also very suitable for spring. For example, Lucky Spring by Van Cleef & Arpels, this series is themed on ladybugs, using rose gold, carnelian, onyx and mother-of-pearl materials to create cute little ladybugs, cute and childlike!

▲Lucky Spring bracelet, 5 theme patterns


▲Lucky Spring long necklace, 15 themed patterns


▲ Lucky Spring bracelet, ladybug with open wings


Dancing butterflies appear in Graff’s jewelry, small pavé diamond butterflies and large hollow diamond butterflies embellish the wrists, easily showing the elegance of girls, especially suitable for you to take it to a romantic date.

▲Graff Butterfly Phantom Series

▲Graff Butterfly Phantom Diamond Bracelet


▲Graff Butterfly Phantom Mini Diamond Stud Earrings


▲Graff Butterfly Phantom Mini Diamond Pendant


Let me see who hasn’t caught up with spring?

Design: A-C

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