Dressing has nothing to do with being fat or thin!This pair of fat and thin girlfriends shared the same outfit, making countless netizens fall in love with them

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In other words, friends who like to see clothes on Instagram may have seen these two young ladies.

Among them, the plump one is named Denise Mercedes.

She is a plus-size model with 1.5 million+ followers on Instagram.

Many people have known Denise since the beginning of the year,

In order to break body prejudice and advocate diversified aesthetics, she started a social account three years ago.“Style Not Size Challenge”.

Denise invited her best friend Maria Castellanos, a lady with a relatively standard body from mainstream eyes,

Put on the same clothes of different sizes and take a group photo together,

Different body types wear the same clothes in different styles.

The cooperation between the two has attracted a lot of attention and attracted a lot of fans for them.

In a blink of an eye, three years have passed, and the style has nothing to do with the size challenge.

Fans who have followed them for a long time will find that there are changes in Denise and Maria, and some things remain the same.

Let’s talk about the changed part first.

The most obvious point is that three years later, the two are now dressed in a more mature style than when they first collaborated.

Before, they often chose small and fresh style clothes.

Now they prefer to wear beautiful and sassy shirts,

Sexy and charming tight dress,

Try an elegant evening dress look.

The second change is that Denise and Maria are more flexible in style selection, providing fans with different outfit ideas.

For example, when they choose clothes now, the general principle of the same style and different sizes has not changed, and they will also distinguish in color.

According to the skin tone, the two will choose the color that more compliments the skin tone.

Most of their clothes are plain.

Occasionally try on bright clothes, but also make people shine.

What has not changed is the confidence of Denise and Maria.

With the growth of experience, they are now more calm than before,

As Maria said in her Instagram signature:“I’m here to help you feel confident and inspired.”

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This confident temperament can also be seen in their styling.

Sometimes you don’t have to wear flashy, simple jeans,

Classic and attractive black and white,

monochrome dress,

Even casual sports suits look calm and calm.

“Style has nothing to do with size challenge” invisibly let Denise and Maria gain something,

Similarly, many netizens who follow this activity have also received positive signals from them.

After being encouraged, I also found a new direction.

I love this series to death! Thank you so much!

Looking at these clothes in comparison, it is helpful to find that being thin is not necessarily sexy. You are goddesses!

And I’m starting to wear nice, curvy and sexy clothes too!

Thank you for making me feel beautiful from the inside out too!

Beauty comes in all forms, and you are one of the most beautiful women.

You guys are about to become my favorite fashion icon and source of inspiration because I’m going to be a fashion designer soon.

I worked for a brand A&F over a decade ago, I worked in their ‘warehousing’ department, not a front-of-house job like a ‘model’ because I didn’t fit their image at the time.

What a pity, because I love their clothes and always think they look good – as long as they don’t wear them on me, I actually want to wear them too.

Your event was amazing!

You guys really inspire me! ! !

Why do you look so good in that dress.I think I should love myself more too.

I hope more people can be inspired by Denise and Maria,

Accept yourself from the heart, cherish yourself,

Live your life at ease…

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