Kendou was scolded for wearing revealing clothes to attend a girlfriend’s wedding. Netizens: It’s too green tea to steal the bride’s limelight

The Internet has sprayed the Kardashian-Jenner family into a sieve again. This time the person who was recruited was the supermodel Ken Dou.

The reason for being sprayed is very simple, because netizens suddenly discovered that Kendou actually wore a super invincible and revealing black dress at the wedding of his friend Lauren Perez. (Lauren Perez is Kendou’s best friend, a successful businesswoman)

“Too out of date!!!”

“She must hate brides!”

“Turtle! Are you polite?!”

Reviews like these have swept the Internet and caused a stir.

You can feel it by looking at the pictures. The upper body of Kendou’s skirt is very airy, and it is a very sexy and hot girl style.

With a hollow design, there is only a little fabric above the legs.

She was happily taking selfies with her friends Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and others, completely unaware of what kind of storm was coming.

To be honest, there are not many people who can wear this dress well, and Kendou is one of them, looking amazing and very individual.

But is this look really suitable for someone else’s wedding?

This question, after netizens saw Ken Dou’s style, immediately set off a huge discussion. At present, most of the netizens on the Internet are holding opposing opinions, and they do not support Kendou at all. Some people even question her scheming and want to steal the bride’s limelight.

“Although, Kendou dressed like this to go to someone else’s wedding??!! This is probably the most green tea thing I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s so vulgar and so earthy, I feel like she wants to attract more attention than the bride.”

“Why is she wearing this to a wedding????”

“This shit about Kendou makes me physically uncomfortable, so I can’t see it if I block it.”

Everyone felt that the bride was very pitiful.

“(She was) disrespectful to the bride.”

“Kedou really said fuck you to the bride at her best friend’s wedding.”

Some netizens have substituted themselves, and they can’t accept it at all.

“Family, imagine Ken Bean wearing this to your wedding…I’m crying so loud.”

“If Kendou wears this to see my wedding, I’ll drive her away right away.”

Many people think that on the big day, all the focus should be on the bride and groom. Why are you willing to be so high-profile and public? Don’t make it too obvious.

This anger has almost burned to the whole network, and the comments on the tabloid website are cursing.

“Garbage man.”

“She’s from the Kardashians, and vulgarity is the foundation of their family.”

“Growing up in a rich family doesn’t mean she will have good manners and manners.”

TikTok bloggers also made videos to scold, and the number of views has reached more than 7 million.

Most of the likes in the comments are basically complaints.

“The dress is nice, but it’s really bad to wear to a wedding. (Kendou) has money but no taste, and doesn’t think about others.”

“She’s always been a green tea.”

“The dress is beautiful, but wearing this to a wedding???”

Even etiquette expert Elaine Swan was out. She pointed out that Ken Bean’s dress is really out of place, and in the United States, wedding guests usually have two dress rules to follow.

First, don’t wear white or anything close to white unless specifically instructed to do so.

Second, guests need to use good judgment and not wear anything that might steal the bride’s limelight.

So in order to avoid being rude, it is best for everyone to communicate with each other in private and find out what others are wearing.

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A flood of criticism flooded the web, all directed at Kendou. But at the same time, some people complained for her: she wore this after the wedding, and it was not a formal wedding ceremony.

Indeed, when the bride and groom held the ceremony during the day, Kendou’s dress was very low-key and formal.

She and Bella Hadid were both part of the bridesmaids, holding flowers and wearing light blue silk gowns.

Occasionally arrange the skirt for the bride.

In short, the friends chatted and laughed, and the wedding went well.

It was only when she attended the wedding reception in the evening that she changed into a more daring dress and became excited.

So some netizens wondered, after the wedding, everyone is just playing, so there is nothing wrong with wearing it like this, right?

“It’s just a reception, and they’re young models, so that’s what they wear to the party. She’s not like the other Kardashians, she’s more low-key.”

“I’m not a fan of Ken Dou, but seeing her being scolded for green tea for the dress she wore to the wedding was weird to me.”

“If I had Kendou’s figure, I’d wear her dress too.”

But no matter whether it is a classic ceremony or a banquet after that, the protagonists must still be the bride and groom. Someone compared Paris Hilton’s wedding reception and found that by entering “Paris reception” as a keyword into the search box, all the pictures that can be found on the Internet are related to her, not to mention her wedding. So many superstars attended.

And after changing the search name to bride Lauren Perez, most of the pictures that pop up are from Kendou. This… seems a bit embarrassing?

Therefore, there are still a large number of netizens who feel that it is inappropriate and make trouble.

However, the bride herself seems to be indifferent, and has been sharing her good mood on the account.

On the one hand, he scolded Kendou for being too ostentatious and ruined the wedding, and on the other hand, he helped her clarify her grievances. It seems that the Kardashian content on the Internet has increased recently.

But do you think the sexy cutout dress Kendou wore at the reception really crossed the line?

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