7 benefits of drinking green tea on a hot day you must know!

as the people-friendly ambassador of the six major types of tea, we are deeply impressed by its pure tea aroma, fresh taste and refreshing sweetness, and even more so with its friendly price.

as the people-friendly ambassador of the six major types of tea, we are deeply impressed by its pure tea aroma, fresh taste and refreshing sweetness, and it makes us often drink green tea with its friendly price and excellent quality.

In the sultry summer, a cup of green tea can make you indulge in the tea world, even in the hot summer, you can feel the spring breeze.

1. Green tea quenches thirst

In hot weather, thirst is the norm, and we still prefer fragrant tea to plain boiled water. Tea polyphenols, amino acids, water-soluble pectin, and aromatic substances in tea soup can stimulate the oral mucosa, promote saliva secretion, and have the effect of promoting body fluid and quenching thirst.

2. Green tea clears heat and cools down

Seasoned tea drinkers know that only drinking hot tea will make you feel better. The temperature of hot tea can promote the human body to perspire, so as to take away heat from the body through the heat dissipation of sweat evaporation; especially the caffeine and other components in hot tea can also stimulate the kidneys and promote excretion. The more sweat evaporates, the better the heat dissipation of the human body. So as to achieve the effect of cooling.

3. Green tea sunscreen, anti-aging

Summer is also the peak period of melanin precipitation, and the spots on girls’ faces are also one of the most disturbing troubles in summer. Green tea is rich in catechins, tannins and vitamin C, has strong antioxidant function, and keeps the skin delicate and white.

4. Green tea for weight loss

Aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve fat, remove turbidity and remove greasy and prevent fat accumulation in the body; vitamins B1, C and caffeine can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion and eliminate cellulite. The catechins in green tea have the functions of anti-oxidation, increase metabolism, scavenge free radicals, etc., which can reduce the accumulation of fat cells, thus achieving the effect of weight loss.

5. Green tea antibacterial aids digestion

In hot summer, if the diet is not hygienic, the bacteria will multiply in large numbers. Summer is the season of frequent digestive tract diseases. Scientific research has shown that tea has the functions of antibacterial, bactericidal and improving the structure of intestinal microorganisms. Drinking tea can not only inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, but also promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and improve the immunity of the intestinal tract.

6, green tea potassium salt

In summer, there is a lot of sweat, and a large amount of potassium salts in the body will be lost along with the excretion of sweat. Tea is a potassium-containing food, and the tea soup of green tea contains 10.7 mg of potassium per gram. Drinking tea in summer can supplement potassium salts and maintain the normal physiological metabolic activities of the human body. This is an important reason why tea is suitable for sweating in summer.

7. Green tea relieves fatigue and refreshes

In summer, the human body sweats a lot, and sweat will take away elements such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium in the body, which makes people feel sleepy easily. Tea contains caffeine and other ingredients, which will stimulate the nerves; tea polyphenols and other substances can react with saliva and have the effect of refreshing the mind.

8. Green tea is soothing

Summer is dominated by the mind. As the temperature gradually rises, the consumption of the human body also increases. Under the strong heart, people are easily upset and tired. The caffeine contained in green tea can stimulate the central nervous system, which has the effect of enhancing thinking, clearing the mind and refreshing the mind. Therefore, always have a cup of green tea in summer, which can soothe your emotions and keep your mind quick.


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