Practicing the Chinese brand strategy and leading the development of Yimeng green tea

Today, the first “China Brand Day” series of activities kicked off in Shanghai, practicing my country’s brand strategy. At the same time, the Yimeng Mountains, which are thousands of miles away, are also practicing the brand strategy. The birth of Yimeng organic green tea advocate Wanqing Green Tea fills the gap of Yimeng’s high-end green tea brand and leads Yimeng green tea to branding, standardization and scale. age.

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As we all know, Linyi is an old revolutionary base area and a famous national-level scenic tourist area. As everyone knows, Linyi is still the core production area of ​​Jiangbei green tea, and its quality is not inferior to that of southern tea, and its taste and nutrients are even better. Pea Qing green tea is one of the best.

Thanks to the excellent natural environment in Yimeng area, Wanqing Green Tea has an excellent brand foundation since its birth: the tea is deeply moistened by Mengshan Yishui and has high quality. The Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences praised its “leaf Thick, resistant to brewing, high aroma, strong taste”.

In order to develop the industry with quality, strengthen the brand, and create an excellent tea brand for the people of Yimeng, the owner of Wanqing Green Tea, Shandong Zhengshantang Tea Industry Co., Ltd. sincerely invites the first generation of tea making from the “South Tea to the North” with 40 years of tea making experience Master, the whole process is handcrafted; we sincerely invite experts in pest control from Shandong Agricultural University to spend 4 years maintaining and optimizing the original ecological growth environment of tea trees, adhering to the concept of natural symbiosis, using insects to control insects, prohibiting the application of pesticides and fertilizers, and building thousands of acres of organic tea plantations Demonstration base. At the same time, Shandong Zhengshantang learns from the food industry and creatively builds a whole industry chain control system, which realizes the whole process of pea green green tea from the tea garden to the tea cup, and the whole process of quality control. Guests can enjoy a cup of assured tea.

“I drink tea every day now, and drinking tea has become a part of my life. I have drank countless tea brands, but I often think, as the core production area of ​​Jiangbei green tea, why is there no good green tea brand in Linyi? So, Wanqing Green Tea came into being at the historic moment. We sincerely want to be our own green tea brand for Linyi people, and we want to offer a good cup of tea to the people of Yimeng. In the future, quality is the foundation and brand is the guarantee. I believe that Wanqing Green Tea will definitely become a famous green tea in Yimeng. Representative, let the people of the whole country know the goodness of Yimeng green tea.” The person in charge of Shandong Zhengshantang Tea Industry Co., Ltd. told reporters.

The brand embodies the rich connotations of quality, innovation, reputation, culture and service, and is an important factor for consumers to choose products. I believe that sticking to the original intention, committed to being a model of Yimeng famous green tea and Jiangbei green tea, committed to being the Yimeng people’s own green tea brand, and committed to offering a cup of good tea to the Yimeng people, the pea green tea will become more and more like a duck to water, while promoting the development of the industry, Give back to consumers with better quality tea.

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