How dealers of glass tea sets wholesale tea sets, learn more about the inside story of wholesale tea sets

Since ancient times, one side of the road has cultivated one person with water and soil. Different places have different products with different characteristics. Even if the same product has different advantages in different places, the focus of product advantages is completely different. It means that the south is generally more good at making celadon, while the north is more professional in white porcelain. Today, the editor here mainly wants to learn about the advantages of different glass materials.

【Introduction to the origin of soda lime glass tea set】

Since each product of glass tea set is relatively small and there are many types, glass tea set is not suitable for large-scale machine production, but manual blowing is the best choice. When it comes to manual blowing, everyone must know that as the capital of glassware in China, Qixian County, Shanxi Province, is best at making artificially blown products. The glass goblets produced here are directly used for the G20 summit and state banquets. It is also indispensable. The same is true for soda-lime glass tea sets, which are basically produced in Qixian County and then distributed to all parts of the country.

The production process is that after the raw materials are melted at high temperature, the materials are picked and placed in the mold for blowing, and there are also semi-manual throwing processes. Soda-lime glass is the most common glass. Compared with the other two materials, the price is relatively low. The wall thickness of the cup is relatively thick, and the product feels a little heavy to the touch. At the same time, its refractive index is not as good as that of the crystal material. The glass is good, and the heat resistance cannot be compared with the glass with high borosilicate.

【Introduction to the origin of lead-free crystal tea sets】

Crystal tea set has higher refractive index and stronger hardness than ordinary soda-lime glass tea, but the processing method is exactly the same as ordinary soda-lime glass, but the tea set is slightly different in material quality. , so the products produced have relatively thin wall thickness, and the sound is relatively crisp. If you tap, it has a metal texture, and the refractive index is also good, which is also a highlight of the glass crystal glass tea set. Crystal glass tea sets, like soda-lime glass tea sets, are produced in Qixian County, Shanxi, China.

【Introduction to the origin of heat-resistant high borosilicate tea set】

To say that the heat-resistant borosilicate glass tea set is mainly produced in Hejian, Hebei, which has a long history of production, focusing on this heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which is similar to the soda lime and crystal glass mentioned earlier. The production and processing technology is different from high borosilicate glass. It is mainly based on a glass tube of raw material, which is then manually blown to create different shapes. The most unique feature is this high borosilicate glass, plasticity. Especially strong, it can be used as a double-layer cup, and it is resistant to high temperature and will not burst due to uneven heating. At the same time, it can also be directly heated on a simmer.

I hope the above simple sharing can help everyone to understand the origin of each different glass material, and then understand the advantages and focus of each different glass, so when buying different products, there is more attention. Choose, if you want to buy a tea set, if you want to put it on the fire to make tea directly, it is recommended to choose high borosilicate. If you want to see the color of the tea soup more intuitively, I believe that the crystal glass tea cup is the best. choose.

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