Jinan’s wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, and beauty salons and other residential service industry staff carry out at least one round of nucleic acid testing every week

LuwangApril 6 NewsOn April 6, Jinan City held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The reporter learned that since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, Jinan’s commercial and trade circulation enterprises have taken the most resolute, decisive and strict management measures to further improve the management requirements for prevention and control in terms of workplaces, employees, and distribution channels. , Places, goods, vehicles testing and inspection efforts have been strengthened.

Coordinate the epidemic prevention and control of commercial enterprises

Wang Zhigang, member of the party group and deputy director of the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced at the press conference that the current business order and prevention and control situation of the city’s commercial and trade circulation enterprises remain stable. In order to go all out to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, all the members of the party group and staff of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce formed a special working class, and divided into groups to coordinate key tasks such as epidemic prevention and control and emergency supply guarantee for commercial and trade enterprises in the city. Further find out the bottom line of business enterprises. In the early stage, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has connected with the administrative approval and statistics departments, and has initially grasped the base of the city’s commercial and trade enterprises. There are about 90,000 corporate legal entities in the city’s commercial and trade fields, with about 700,000 employees. At present, the daily dispatching compares the actual operation of commercial and trade enterprises in various districts and counties, and guides districts and counties to do a good job of “examination and inspection” of key groups in key places, so as to ensure that “no one family is missed and no one is left behind” in epidemic prevention and monitoring work. In addition, further consolidate the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. In the early stage, the “Notice on Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control in the Commercial and Trade Field” and “Emergency Circular on Doing a Good Job in the Work of “Inspection and Inspection” for Practitioners in the Commercial and Trade Circulation Industry” were issued, and eight supervisory groups were established to strengthen the supervision of various districts and counties (functions). District) business guidance and supervision to implement, urge districts, counties, and enterprises to consolidate their territorial responsibilities and main responsibilities, and ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control for employees in the business field.

Strengthen the nucleic acid testing of employees

At this stage, Jinan’s nucleic acid testing requirements for employees of commercial and trade enterprises mainly include the following aspects: First, employees of imported goods “should undergo all inspections”. Including personnel who have direct contact with imported frozen and refrigerated meat, aquatic products and packaging, employees who have direct contact with cold chain food produced and processed with imported raw materials, and direct contact with the above-mentioned personnel in the same closed workshop (place) without protection For personnel, nucleic acid tests are carried out twice every 7 days during the operation. Personnel of sales companies who have direct contact with non-cold-chain imported materials shall undergo nucleic acid testing every 7 days during the operation period. Wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering enterprises, as well as staff in the residential service industry, including beauty salons, washing and dyeing, housekeeping, home appliance maintenance, bathing, portrait photography, etc., and scrapped motor vehicle recycling and dismantling enterprises, conduct at least one round of nucleic acid testing every week. .

Strengthen management of business environment

Normalized monitoring and management of business premises, strict implementation of requirements such as temperature measurement of corporate employees and citizen customers, inspection of health codes and travel codes, scientific wearing of masks, and maintaining a safe distance. Increase the promotion and use of “place code” to ensure “one code per game” and ensure the efficiency of use. Further strict approval of employees’ business trips, strict implementation of the advance reporting system for visitors from medium and high-risk areas, and implementation of prevention and control measures. Strictly do a good job of cleaning and killing the production and operation environment. Business enterprises should further strengthen the daily cleaning, ventilation and disinfection of their business premises, focusing on increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of closed public facilities such as elevators and toilets, as well as high-touch facilities such as door handles and escalators. After each day’s operation, the business area should be fully disinfected to keep the public area and office area clean and tidy.

In the next step, when the society is completely cleared, the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce will open up in an orderly manner in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, and strictly supervise and implement the “site code”. (Reporter from this website)

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