Is Yang Mi a green tea bitch?



Did Yang Mi’s fans rush in with a 40-meter knife?


What’s it like to be with an idol you’ve liked for 13 years?

Wei Daxuna 30-year-old Mainland actor.

Although tepid, he is very active in various variety shows on Hunan TV.

My impression of this boy is that he has a good personality, is naive, and is a little mischievous.

He used to be like this-

This is now-

The dick strikes back.

What made him so confused?

yes, yesThe power of idols and dreams.

Since 2006, Daxun Wei has always liked Yang Mi.

After entering the entertainment industry, he often went to Yang Mi’s Weibo to “applaud”.

Last year, Wei Daxun finally collaborated with idols in the variety show “Star Detective”.

And the roles they play are a couple!

Is this the highlight moment in Wei Daxun’s life?

The two have various sweet interactions on the show.

CP fans also continue to pick up the “love evidence” of the two.Same hat, same shoes… can not escape the eyes of the fans.

(I said, stars are also ordinary people, what’s wrong with a few of the same style occasionally?)

But this is all evidence of the wind.

Yesterday, the love between the two suddenly fell apart——

Yang Mi, Wei Daxun, love stone hammer

In and out of the same hotel overnight.

The majority of netizens feel that the stone hammer is a stone hammer, and fans should not wash it.

But the paw still thinks you are too naive.

You don’t understand the power of big power at all.

Yang Mi interacts closely with boys, wears the same shoes, and goes in and out of a hotel.

Just in love with the stone hammer?

Maybe they just played a game of kings together?

So, only fans who know the power of the big power know that——

Big power and boys interact like this

Not surprising, not surprising


Yang Mi is famous in the entertainment industry“The Flirting Man”.

When Ruan Jingtian and her filmed “Swinging”, they praised Yang Mi as the most special girl he has ever seen since his work.

When filming, Ruan Jingtian had a lot of flirting scenes, but asked Yang Mi to teach himself how to flirt with girls:“You don’t want to get to the point as soon as you come, you can go sideways, and then touch, go around, touch, and tease.”

Ethan Ruan often gets goosebumps under Yang Mi’s “provocation”:“From the numbness of the soles of the feet to the top of the head, I really felt it, and then I immediately said enough was enough.”

When filming “Dear Translator” with Huang Xuan, there were also scandals.

Poke the boy’s waist, put his hand in the other’s pocket… all kinds of small movements, sultry invisible.

Participated in the variety show “Real Men”, and even the instructor was shy by her.

When we met for the first time, we just called him “Little Weiwei”.

The instructor asked her to stop calling herself Xiaoweiwei, and then she would do push-ups. She said, “Just do it.”

Smile + face killing, staring straight at the instructor.

Even the unselfish instructor was shy:“Don’t look at me like that”.

Yang Mi’s god-level deeds can already be published in a book.

Yang Mi these yearsInvincible all over the world.

But there was still one person who resisted – Hua Chenyu, a straight man of steel.

There is no turmoil inside.

Continued expressionless.


The sultry skills of Da Mi Mi are deeply loved by boys.

But some of Yang Mi’s provocative behavior is inwhen marriedappeared, so it was confusing.

here we go,green tea bitch.

What is a green tea bitch?

A type of girl that girls generally hate and boys generally like.

The explanation on the Baidu entry is:It generally refers to the appearance of pure and refined, always long hair fluttering, in front of the public, looking plain, pretending to be pitiful in front of people, harmless to people and animals, quiet but sick and sad, sentimental and sad, good at scheming and playing Emotional woman.

In front of the boys, she is pitiful, affectionate, and squeamish, and looks harmless to humans and animals.

In my heart, I have already turned eighteen on the mountain road, trying to do everything possible to get close to the boys and gain the good impression of the boys.

How powerful is green tea?

In the movie “A spoiled woman is the best life”, the strong woman Zhang Hui (played by Zhou Xun) likes her college classmate Gong Zhiqiang (played by Huang Xiaoming).I was suddenly cut off by a green tea bitch who likes to play coquettish and play tricks.

you taste this“I don’t like rabbits”green tea bitch.

In fact, such an obvious green tea bitch, the rank is very low.

The real high-end green tea, tricks and scheming are invisible.

There is a topic on Zhihu:

What is the green tea bitch like?

I flipped through the answer and summed up the main characteristics of green tea:

1. Like someone else’s boyfriend

2. Boyfriend who likes to enlighten and comfort others

3. Having an affair with multiple boys at the same time

4. I like to complain about my girlfriend with other people’s boyfriends

(Or on the contrary, if you want to suppress first, this is more advanced)

5. Boys always think she is innocent, cute and considerate

6. Generally looks better, at least looks pure and lovely.

Actually, I don’t like labeling girls. For example, if you do something or act, I will label you and say you are a green tea bitch.

Because everyone has their own behavior choices, their own worldview, values, and love.

The above 6 characteristics, I think the only thing that makes me unacceptable is the first point.

If someone else has a partner, and you are still hanging around in front of others all day, it is not a matter of personality, but a little psychological distortion.

At last

Is Yang Mi a green tea bitch?


No girl should be labeled a green tea bitch.

As long as you are happy, he is happy, and it doesn’t affect others, I don’t think we can control that much.

Besides, they have capital.

Good-looking and rich, with a good figure, a pleasant personality, and a high IQ.

In variety shows, Yang Mi often shows his high IQ.

Especially math is good, and playing games is also the strongest king rank.

Good-looking and smart, with a good sense of proportion, this is what boys like the most.

Of course, there are thousands of types that boys like.

Those little sisters who are begging Yang Mi to tease Han’s cheats, let’s take a break.

Accumulating your own capital well is the “green tea bitch” at the highest rank.

At that time, you don’t need to tease, your every move will attract countless suitors.

Those friends who waited for the “official announcement” on Weibo for a day, I don’t think you can wait any longer.

The goal of power power is the vast ocean.

Go to bed early, good night.

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