How to quickly identify the green tea bitch hiding around you

When I was young, I thought it was common sense not to rob other people’s things. When I grew up, I realized that there are quite a few people who covet your good things. For example, green tea bitch. So, what are the characteristics of green tea bitches in life?

1. The skin of green tea bitches is generally white, and the appearance is not too beautiful, but generally not ugly. Dress up more. She must be good at make-up, but the boys around you say she always wears no makeup.

2. Like to stare at anyone (especially men) innocently.

3. Like retro style or literary style.

4. Boys have many friends, but girls friends are not fixed.

5. Looking through her Weibo and Moments, you will find that she likes to post late at night, usually “I’m so sad”, “What did I do wrong”, “I’m so lonely” and so on.

6. I like to say, why am I so stupid, why didn’t I think of it, I really don’t understand.

7. If there is a party, when there are more than two men in the party, she usually stays until the end before leaving.

8. He is always full of energy at parties with more men. If it is a party of pure girls, he usually does not speak much.

9. When eating, I always pat my stomach and say I am full after taking two bites. How can I eat so much?

10. Never drink a lot when drinking, but get drunk faster than anyone else.

11. Always sit next to a man at a dinner party. After three rounds of drinking, there must be a man’s hand on her shoulder, and she must be looking like a quiet time, as if all this is a natural death.

12. You will suddenly find that your boyfriend or an ambiguous partner does not know when Weibo, WeChat and QQ have added her friends, and you have no idea when they started, and they interact frequently. Don’t run away, green tea bitch.

13. If the green tea bitch sees you quarreling with your boyfriend, what she usually says is, alas, xx is like this, it’s not that you don’t know. Yes, only the green tea bitch in the world knows what kind of person your boyfriend is!

14. If a girl has an average relationship with you, but she still emphasizes in front of your boyfriend that she and you are best friends, she must be good to you and be responsible for you, etc. This is what green tea bitches like to do .

15. Always like to say in front of your boyfriend that there are actually many people chasing you. Be careful, the green tea bitch is about to show up.

16. If a girl says to you, I really don’t want to hurt you, hahaha, the green tea bitch is her!

17. She is always the kind of person who eats from the bowl and thinks about the pot. Sometimes it’s not enough to have a boyfriend, and they will be ambiguous about those of the opposite sex.

18. The green tea bitches usually have multiple spare tires, each performing their own duties, who is in charge of meals, who is in charge of chatting, and who takes her home at night… It seems that they have a good relationship with everyone, and they look good The image of a woman, the point is to always tell you that she is single without a boyfriend, or that she is always the victim.

19. The green tea bitch is best at creating a sense of guilt for boys, because many boys are not completely scumbags, or they don’t want to admit that they are completely scumbags, so they always have to be scumbags while claiming to have conscience and responsibility.

The above is the method of identifying green tea bitches. Although the winners are not necessarily green tea, the green tea bitches will definitely win all of them!

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