Don’t give the world and good men to the green tea bitch

He meets a goddess.

“Simple, cute, sunny, beautiful, and in good shape”

Every time she met, she would keep laughing and adore him.

After meeting her, his world seemed to light up, and now he went out by himself, with his own halo.

“Did I have shit luck? Such a nice girl fell in love with me.”

Spend money for her, that’s trivial.

He can’t wait to give her the whole world.

They are all well, but she has too many boys friends.

With all the boys are “best friends”,

However, she is such a good girl, no wonder boys like her.

“She’s so innocent, I trust her.”

Until one day, he added a group friend and accidentally saw their interaction in the circle of friends.

The man said, “I’m so lucky to have you in my life!”

The girlfriend returned a shy look and said, “Me too.”

Hearing the sound of broken dreams, heartache, anger, hating her, even more hating myself, trembling all over.

“Hehe, I turned out to have been green for a long time, and I still act like a fool every day.”

How I don’t want to admit that the goddess who once took good care of her turned out to be a green tea bitch.

1. Three types of green tea bitches

The real goddess you fell in love with, or the green tea bitch?

Don’t be stupid!

Goddess, commonly known as Bai Fumei.

“Just because I saw you one more time in the crowd, I can never forget your face again.”

Not only is she beautiful, but she is also confident and independent.

For the goddess, I am a wealthy family, well, I don’t care about men’s money at all.

It’s actually very simple to make a spare tire for the goddess. You don’t have to pay anything except likes.

Because her reply is basically:

I’m going to bed.

If something happens, talk back.


The green tea bitch is different. You are doing what your boyfriend should do, asking for warmth, digging your heart and your lungs, and digging your pockets, but you can’t pay for the second child, because you are just a back-up, a spare tire on call and an ATM machine that can be withdrawn at any time. .

Oh, no, the spare tire is too ugly. She is so innocent, how can she say that you are a spare tire, you are her blue-eyed confidant, a pure friendship, okay!

Mistaking the green tea bitch for a goddess? But the goddess would never speak like this:

My phone is broken, what should I do…

I really like that XX brand bag, I don’t know how long I can buy it.

My birthday is coming~

You go along and say, what do you want?

Then, wait for the money, Lanyan.

You feel that “foreplay” is enough, and you have an impulse to confess.

She said, I feel for you, just for my brother.

Pear also said with rain, you won’t ignore me in the future.

how come!

You patted your chest and said, we are still “best friends”.

Then, proceed to act as a free ATM machine.

If you’re downhearted and ready to chase other girls,

She acted reluctantly again, as if you had a show!

As soon as you fall in love, she says “hehe, he fell in love with me”.

Having said so much, you will definitely ask, how to identify green tea bitches?

They often disguise themselves as goddesses in these three images:

1Pseudo independent woman

It seems that they can’t be more normal, just a little more beautiful.

It seems that they are also independent, self-motivated and know how to live.

They generally don’t take the initiative to hook up with men, but they tend to hook up with married men.

It’s strange, the young guy doesn’t catch a cold, but he likes the married uncle.

The three views are unique.

It seems that they are strong and independent, but their favorite job is to be a junior, wandering among the marginalized groups of morality and love.

2young women

Literary green tea is often plain-faced, and likes Mori women’s clothes.

They are quite talented, pursue romantic love, and often wander among multiple men.

Even if they get married, they cannot stop their pursuit of love.

“I love him, sorry.”

As the saying goes, if you are not crazy, you will not survive.

The same is true for their love, sensitive and affectionate, sometimes infatuated, sometimes free and easy.

3silly white sweet

This type of green tea bitch is absolutely superb.

In front of a man, there is always a soft girl who is delicate. In front of the woman, he turned into a sloppy female man in seconds.

In front of a simple straight man, she always has a smile on her face.

Even if he doesn’t like this guy, he doesn’t want to let go.

After a few rounds, the boy burst into tears.

She stared at you with innocent big eyes:

I’m sorry…I didn’t want to hurt you…I didn’t mean to.

Men love to death or live, but they don’t know they are being tricked;

The woman hated her teeth, but she couldn’t help it.

Ordinary girls are soft with a bit of rigidity. If he is always in front of him, he always looks weak and boneless, and it is 80% technical.

Ordinary girls know how to make pornographic jokes, smile knowingly, or even come up with a more pornographic one. She is the only one who will always stare at you innocently and ask you: Why are you laughing?

Ordinary girls know that you have the master and will keep a distance, but she will “talk” to you late at night, cry to you when she is uncomfortable, and ask you for help when there is something wrong. When a real girlfriend turns her face with you, she innocently explained: “I don’t know how she misunderstood, it’s all my fault, I don’t want to hurt anyone, what should I do… (cry)”

This is definitely the plot of a romance novel. However, you still really feel pain and criticize your girlfriend’s little belly.

You feel sorry for her simplicity, I feel sorry for your idiot.

Green tea bitch’s classic lines:

  • You are such a good man, why doesn’t she know how to cherish it~
  • I don’t want to hurt anyone.
  • I really feel sorry for you, but I don’t have the qualifications now…
  • I really didn’t mean it, your wife must have misunderstood…
  • “If I were your girlfriend/wife, I wouldn’t…”

In fact, it means, “You stupid X, why don’t you kneel down under my pomegranate skirt!”

Ha ha.

“It looks warm and harmless on the surface, but in fact it slowly erodes into your heart, and then turns into something that can be broken by a blade.”

This picture can’t be more appropriate to describe “green tea bitch”: the me you see is just the me I want you to see.

The appearance is different, because the essence of the green tea bitch is to be personified. It looks human, has an ego, and pursues inner connection, but in fact, it regards people as functional and can be used.

2. Why does green tea bitch attract men?

Recently, a married friend called me in the middle of the night and said that I was really blind, blind!

My husband was blind, and I was blind to find him.

Hearing me in a haze, I asked her what was going on. She said that she recently discovered that her husband was chatting with a girl in the middle of the night. With my investigative ability, I found this girl in less than two days. At first glance, she was a green tea bitch, just for money.

After a showdown with her husband, he said they were nothing, she was just a little girl who had just entered the society, pure like a white lotus.


Is it really only women who can tell who is a bitch?

It is said that his husband, doing business by himself, has been in the society for so long, knows people, and still understands, but he can’t see through the green tea bitch?

In fact, every relatively successful man may encounter a green tea bitch.


To put it simply, more successful men tend to only pursue careers and are obsessed with social things. Feelings are luxury, fragile, and unacceptable to them.

When he was young, his parents often asked him to be strong and rejected feminine things. “Why are you crying, it’s like a sissy”, “How old are you, and you’re still wrestling, really worthless” “Someone bullied you, you have to bully you back!”.

Over time, he idealized himself, isolated his vulnerable side, and believed that he was the most powerful. In everything, he only talked about theory, not friendship.

Such men will be very narcissistic, save face, and are easily attracted to green tea bitches. Because strength and rationality are his strengths, but his greatest weakness is that he does not have the ability to develop emotions.

What we fall in love with is often our shadow personality. A man who is isolated from emotions is most likely to fall in love with green tea bitches. Because he most rejects his emotional side, his vulnerable side, but it also attracts him strongly.

In fact, what he fell in love with was a fragile, innocent and easily injured self.

He worked hard for the first half of his life, and then he will marry a woman who is suitable for his wife. Maybe it will be beneficial to his career, maybe it will be able to take care of the family, but what about his emotions? What about his shadow? So, he found an outlet, the green tea bitch.

The problem is, you can’t find a girl who is truly human, but a woman who looks human but is actually trying to take advantage of him.

Because of such a green tea bitch, it gives him a good feeling and allows him to keep a distance from the real humanity. See, without real affection, all people take advantage of me!

This is like a girl who lacks love, longs for love, but always falls in love with scumbags, because this is her familiar, painful feeling.

In addition to successful men, young boys who are just beginning to fall in love are also easily attracted by green tea bitches.

Why? Just like a very spicy meal, it works best for people who need stimulation, green tea bitch, and it is also suitable for men who are just beginning to love.

Just like when a woman first loves, she hopes to meet a domineering president, or a rich and handsome man, and yearns for the plot in romance novels. Men also fantasize that they can meet a beautiful, fairy-like woman all at once, and have an ideal love.

For example, his mother was not feminine and lived a puritanical life since childhood, so he longed for a woman who was the opposite of his mother, who was feminine and feminine, and was willing to bow down under her pomegranate skirt and act as a spare tire for the green tea bitch.

Because he covets the good things about this woman, beauty, talent, charm and so on. I’m flattered to be favored by such a woman. It seems that I am more valuable to be with such a woman.

The first type has always pursued rationality and strength, and requires women to detoxify. The second feels that there is light on the face, idealizing a woman and needing emotional nourishment.

Having said that, are there any men who are not easily attracted to green tea bitches?

self-improvement man(Smile).

3. What should you do when you encounter a green tea bitch?

When he was in school, he met a green tea bitch, the girl in the dormitory stomped her feet in anger, the stupid boy didn’t know it yet, and even cried for her…

I’m so angry at her, I really want someone to beat her up.

But the violence is not good, and we were finally persuaded.

Women often hate green tea bitches and want to expose her, but the men who fall into the routine are often irrational and think you are stingy, sow discord, and make trouble.

If you are strong enough inside, just watch him being tortured patiently, and pretend that it didn’t happen, one day he will understand, and you will gain wisdom by taking a bite out of it.

But if you find your man chatting with a green tea bitch, that’s enough.

If you encounter such a situation, you will definitely keep asking your boyfriend, how did you meet and what do you talk about? The boyfriend’s tone increased significantly and his voice was loud: Are you questioning me? Do you have any trust, we are just friends, okay?

You are even more annoyed, he is guilty of a guilty conscience, let’s be angry! However, your boyfriend ignores you and has been searched a lot. Instead, he sets a password on his mobile phone and often deletes chat records.

It’s about to explode, quarrel, naturally.

Note: The topic “Shizuka is a green tea bitch” appeared on Sina Weibo. After reading it, I deeply felt that the world has been occupied by green tea bitches.

Generally, when we encounter green tea bitches, our mentality is easily out of balance, because this is my man, the third party is purely taking advantage, at best, we can’t earn, and we won’t lose anything, and we may lose the man we love deeply, It also wastes youth and money, and it is easy to lose mental balance.

In a hurry to get angry? Hate your teeth? Quarrel with each other every day?

Many girls lost their minds and felt that this man was too unconscionable and was bewitched by a goblin. He actually treated me like this… I asked the man to cut off the relationship with the green tea bitch immediately, and he didn’t want to wait even a minute!

However, you forgot that when you are so irritated, it’s a good time for the green tea bitch to win people’s hearts, she said:

  • I really didn’t mean it, your wife must have misunderstood…
  • Don’t be angry with her either. It’s normal for a woman to do something, and you have to be more considerate of her.
  • You are the person who understands me best, we are the best friends, but she doesn’t understand, I can only control myself not to find you, because I am afraid that you will get hurt because of my quarrel…

Playing a righteous, gentle and considerate woman is actually refusing and welcoming, pretending that you don’t have so many needs.

Obviously, a person who is considerate and domineering can easily lose points. Even if he didn’t think much about green tea before, by comparison, it is easy to think:

“This woman is really understanding, really understands me, and never asks me. Now my wife is crazy, and she is so pure and kind.”

Look, you’ve been demonized and she’s been mythed. You have to see the facts clearly, don’t get out of control because of temporary emotions, but give the other party extra points to make them more united and share the same hatred.

The green tea bitch is best at fighting back, but she can pretend for a while, but not forever! Be patient, don’t be in a hurry, wait until she shows her true colors, so a protracted battle is the most beneficial method, don’t care about temporary gains and losses, and attack blindly, to find the most favorable time.

In such a situation, you feel that this man is not worth it, and it is easy to break up. What I am most afraid of is to let go. If you want to save it, you need some skills:

First, don’t get emotional and see the situation clearly.

Second, the mentality must be stable and do not rush to take action.

Third, wait for the right moment to retake it.

After a while, she began to reveal her true self. Don’t put too much effort into it. When she had the upper hand, she began to worry. If she wanted to determine the final victory, the fox’s tail would be exposed. At this time, she would not be so empathetic to this man. .

Men will think: She used to be so gentle and like water, she doesn’t want anything, why is she more and more like my wife now? Want this, want that, and keep controlling me.

At this point, we can empathize with his emotions, such as: I know it’s not easy for you during this time, etc. It’s not to kneel and lick the other person, but to empathize with his emotions. Sometimes the behavior may be wrong, but the emotions are not right or wrong.

Some girls are overreacting and overly aggressive, while some have no boundaries and repeatedly indulge each other. At this time, you must give each other a bottom line. If you talk to her again, we will break up because I can’t accept it.

Why is there a green tea bitch? Because she not only satisfies the man’s needs, but also inspires the man’s savior feelings, or makes him feel good about himself, because there is a woman who is very dependent on him and worships him.

And this,It is often our shortcoming that we will not express our vulnerable side, that is, we will not be dependent, and we will not be able to express and empathize with a man’s feelings. He needs to be considerate and concerned about himself.

Calm down and train yourself first.

Don’t care too much about green tea or not, goodness is rewarded, green tea can only be green in the end, just treat her as a joke.

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