“How shameless can a green tea bitch be? Aaah, it’s so disgusting that it explodes!”

What kind of existence is a green tea bitch?

A girl shared her experience of meeting a green tea bitch!

“You let him sleep with me one last time,

I won’t bother you again.”

Always clamoring for a girl to break up with her boyfriend?

Always instigating girls’ romantic relationships…

It can only be said that the current green tea is really refreshing my three views!

you feel:

via: @green tea speaking bot


@SAB Keji Daxian: This thing… I haven’t seen it before. Even if you take the initiative to open a business, you can still buy and sell strongly. It is recommended to open a water drop chip. ? ? ?

@一婵元江:The heroine and the lady are domineering! !But I suggest you change this boyfriend

@xiaye catch a cold: My mother, refreshed the three views!This girl obviously doesn’t have a word in her mouth.

@杨旻: I think this kind of person should send her English throughout the whole process. She also has to find a translator. The speed of returning to you is very slow and the aura is very poor.

@eatyunyue: woc really doesn’t want a face, can girls be more self-respecting? ? ?

But it seems that the photo of the heroine still has a 7 points.

Why not have a good relationship?

Old rules, pay attention to the public account: Pink Nen Princess Wine Eggs International

Reply: “7 points” to see the photo of the heroine!


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