Where are the Jiangnan tea areas mainly distributed?

Sichuan Mengding tea

The main tea varieties produced in Jiangnan tea area

The tea produced in Jiangnan tea area mainly includes green tea,,,flower tea, etc., the more famous ones are Nanjing Yuhua Tea, Jintan Quetong, Maoshan Breeze, Yangxian Xueya, Dongting Biluochun,Taiping Houkui, Songluo Tea, Qimen Black Tea, Jiuhua Maofeng, Yongxi Huoqing, Tianzhu Health, West Lake Longjing, Jingshan Tea, Tianmu Qingding, Putuo Buddha Tea, Yandang Maofeng, Huading Yunwu, Ancient Pearl Purple Bamboo, Anji White Tea, Gold Award Huiming Tea, Junshan Silver Needle, Lushan Yunwu, Wuyi Rock Tea, Zhenghe Gongfu Black Tea, Enshi Yulu, etc.

Climatic Characteristics of Jiangnan Tea Regions

The climate of Jiangnan tea area has four distinct seasons, the annual average temperature is 15℃-18℃, and the winter temperature is generally -8℃. The annual precipitation is 1400mm-1600mm, the most in spring and summer, accounting for 60%-80% of the annual precipitation, and the autumn is dry.

The soil in the tea area is mainly red soil, some yellow soil or brown soil, and a few are alluvial soil. The planted tea trees are basically shrub-type middle-leaf tree species and small-leaf tree species, and there are also a small number of small tree-type middle-leaf tree species and large-leaf tree species, which are suitable for production. green tea,Oolong tea, etc.

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