What are the famous green teas, and why can Bamboo Leaf Green Tea be the first to go abroad?

Original title: What are the famous green teas, and why is bamboo leaf green tea the first to go abroad?

, is one of the main teas in China and occupies a considerable proportion in the production and consumption of tea in China. But in the early years, when talking about the famous green tea, even many senior tea lovers may only name 1 or 2 categories of green tea, not the brand. It was not until the establishment of Zhuyeqing’s official brand that it broke the long-standing deadlock of “there are categories but no brands” in the green tea industry.

What are the famous green teas丨Bamboo leaf green tea

In the following time, Bamboo Leaf Green Tea has successively won the “World Jie Green Tea Gold Award”, “Concierge Green Tea of ​​the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo”, and was selected as one of the “Top Ten High-end Famous Teas in the World”. It was even presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a gift for international exchanges. Together with Medvedev, Prince Albert II of Monaco, etc., it has become a veritable leader of China’s high-end green tea in China.

What are the famous green teas丨Bamboo leaf green tea

Seeing this, many netizens who didn’t know the famous green tea may be curious, why Zhu Yeqing can take the lead in going abroad? In fact, the answer is not complicated, but it is difficult to achieve.

The first is that the quality of tea is better. As we all know, Zhuyeqing is the first green tea brand to propose and always adhere to the three standards of “originating from high mountains, picking before Qingming, and selecting tea buds”. The tea bud picking is completed before the Tomb-sweeping Day to ensure that each green tea comes from the essence of the Emei alpine tea tree, and contains rich and high-quality nutrients such as catechin and theanine. Taking Lundao grade bamboo leaf green tea as an example, an average of 1000 tea buds can get 1g Lundao grade bamboo leaf green tea. Therefore, when you taste green tea with bamboo leaves, you will find that its freshness is far from comparable to other green teas at the same price.

What are the famous green teas丨Bamboo leaf green tea

The second is the blessing of advanced technology. As we all know, green tea is fresh and refreshing, but the tea leaves will change in quality after a long time. In order to solve this problem, Zhuyeqing has been continuously cultivating technology, integrating high technology into traditional tea-making technology, and relying on the unique “five-fold freshness technology” to allow everyone to drink spring tea all year round. Among them, the high-efficiency and quick-fixing technology, the low-temperature freezing and fresh-keeping technology, the high-temperature rapid aroma-raising technology, the precise moisture control technology, and the independent nitrogen-filling and fresh-keeping technology are enough to accurately transform the freshness brought by the unique territory of Mount Emei into the freshness of a cup of spring tea. .

What are the famous green teas丨Bamboo leaf green tea

In this way, Bamboo Leaf Green Tea has gone abroad step by step by virtue of its natural + technological advantages. As for whether Zhuyeqing tea is really that good? The market has the final say. In the high-end green tea market, Zhuyeqing has been leading the sales in China for 14 consecutive years. In January of this year, before the spring tea season came, Zhuye Green Tea achieved a great victory in the Spring Festival, and the sales of the star single product “Lundao” increased by 85% year-on-year, which seems to be enough to prove how good Zhuye Green Tea is. For ordinary consumers who do not know what the famous green teas are, if they want to buy green tea for self-drinking or give to relatives and friends, bamboo leaf green tea is a good choice.

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