What are the famous green teas, how about bamboo leaf green tea?

Original title: What are the famous green teas, how about bamboo leaf green tea?

Since ancient times, tea has been an indispensable existence in daily life, and many people have the habit of tasting tea. However, if you ask what are the famous green teas? Everyone’s answer is different, after all, everyone’s preferences are different. However, if the famous green tea is mentioned, the first thing that many people think of is the bamboo leaf green tea. Especially after the dance poem “Just This Green” and Zhuyeqing Emei Alpine Green Tea reached a strategic cooperation, and Zhuyeqing became the official exclusive tea partner of “Just This Green”, the popularity of Zhuyeqing tea has further increased. Of course, bamboo leaf green tea has also been given to leaders of other countries as a national gift many times before.

Which are the famous green teas?

So, what about Bamboo Leaf Green Tea? Today, I will popularize it to netizens who do not know what the famous green teas are. To put it simply, there are a lot of famous tea leaves in China, but Bamboo Leaf Green Tea can be counted as one that can be bought without thinking. There are two main reasons for this:

The first aspect is that the quality of Zhuyeqing tea is better. You must know that in order to allow consumers to drink a cup of safe and high-end green tea, Zhuyeqing not only established a unique production system, but also cooperated with the China National Institute of Standardization to first establish a fresh tea standard, presenting a new standard. Under the technology spring tea.

What are the famous green teas with bamboo leaves

Specifically, Zhuyeqing took the lead in proposing and always adhered to the three standards of “originating from high mountains, picking before Qingming, and selecting tea buds”, setting an industry benchmark. Adhere to only select the alpine tea gardens with an altitude of 600-1500 meters in Mount Emei, and complete the tea bud picking before the Qingming Festival to ensure that each green bamboo tea comes from the essence of the Emei alpine tea tree, and contains nutrients such as catechins and theanine. Material rich and high quality. Each tea bud has to go through 38 processing procedures and 106 tests, and an average of 1,000 tea buds can get 1g of Dao-grade bamboo leaf green tea. Therefore, the quality of bamboo leaf green tea is beyond doubt.

What are the “Three Standards” of Bamboo Leaf Green Tea for Famous Green Tea

The second aspect is the blessing of the five-fold freshness locking technology. Consumers who have paid attention to the black technology of Zhuyeqing know that the five-folding freshness locking technology launched by Zhuyeqing can be described as the precipitation of Zhuyeqing’s more than 20 years of scientific research and technological innovation.

Among them, the “high-efficiency and rapid greening technology” and “high-temperature rapid aroma-raising technology” maintain the active ingredients of tea to a greater extent, so that the tea can fully penetrate the tender chestnut and fresh aroma; “precise moisture control technology” achieves a breakthrough of 3% moisture content, which also creates The “low-temperature freezing and fresh-keeping technology” and “independent nitrogen-filling fresh-keeping technology” perfectly preserve the freshness of tea leaves, allowing tea lovers to enjoy the first taste of spring anytime, anywhere.

What are the famous green tea “Five Locking Fresh Technology” of Bamboo Leaf Green Tea

It is no exaggeration to say that Zhuyeqing not only iterates tea-making from the traditional skills based on individuals to a digital, automated, and streamlined industrial production process, but also uses technology to change the variables that affect tea-making, such as moisture, aroma, temperature, time, and measurement. Precise control is carried out to improve the quality of tea, so that tea lovers can drink spring tea all year round.

To tell the truth, even if you don’t know what the famous green teas are, the excellent taste of green tea leaves will make people’s eyes shine. All in all, whether you drink it yourself or give it as a gift, Bamboo Leaf Green Tea is a good choice.

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