What are the famous green teas and why is bamboo leaf green tea more popular?

Original title: What are the famous green teas, why is bamboo leaf green tea more popular?

Since ancient times, tea has played an important role in East-West trade and cultural exchanges. In the history of tea development in China, green tea is even more indispensable. But for a long time in the past, Chinese green tea has been faced with the embarrassing situation of having categories and no brands. What are the famous green teas mentioned? You might even have to search the internet. But in recent years, Zhuyeqing tea has gradually appeared in people’s field of vision, and high-end green tea Zhuyeqing has gradually stepped out of its own brand road.

Bamboo Leaf Green Tea

Now when it comes to the famous green teas, the first thing that comes to mind of many netizens is the green tea with bamboo leaves. Even in the past 20 years, many consumers who didn’t know what the famous green teas were at first were also smitten by Zhuyeqing tea. It is reported that at the beginning of the New Year in 2022, Zhuyeqing once again achieved a great victory in the Spring Festival, and its omni-channel sales increased by 72% year-on-year in January. So, why is bamboo leaf green tea so popular? Next, let me take you to see it together.

Bamboo Leaf Green Tea

Throughout the growth of Zhuyeqing tea, we can find that the reason why Zhuyeqing can become a high-end green tea brand in China is inseparable from its ingenuity of wanting to make a “good cup of tea”.

Because of wanting to make “a good cup of tea”, Zhuyeqing first proposed and always adhered to the three standards of “originating from high mountains, picking before Qingming, and selecting tea buds”, and had very strict requirements on every aspect of the tea-making process. Dare to create higher standards. To put it simply, Zhuyeqing insists only on selecting alpine tea gardens with an altitude of 600-1500 meters in Mount Emei, and completes tea bud picking before Qingming Festival to ensure that each piece of Zhuyeqing tea comes from the essence of Emei alpine tea trees and contains catechins. , theanine and other nutrients are rich and high-quality. Take Lundao-grade bamboo leaf green tea as an example. On average, 1,000 tea buds can get 1g of Lundao-grade bamboo-leaf green tea. How do you think its quality is?

Bamboo Leaf Green Tea

It is also because of the desire to make “a good cup of tea”, Zhuyeqing continues to develop technology, and the first “five-fold freshness locking technology”, with the help of technology to accurately control the variables that affect tea production, such as moisture, aroma, temperature, time, measurement, etc., to improve the quality of tea . Among them, the “high-efficiency and rapid greening technology” and “high-temperature rapid aroma-raising technology” maintain the active ingredients of tea to a greater extent, so that the tea can fully penetrate the tender chestnut and fresh aroma; The “low-temperature freezing and fresh-keeping technology” and “independent nitrogen-filling fresh-keeping technology” perfectly preserve the freshness of tea leaves, allowing tea lovers to enjoy the first taste of spring anytime, anywhere.

Bamboo Leaf Green Tea

Seeing this, do you understand why Bamboo Leaf Green Tea can be remembered by many consumers who don’t know what the famous green tea is, and why has it represented Chinese tea on important international exchanges such as the World Expo and the International Trade Fair for many times. What about the stage to promote Chinese tea culture? At least from the current point of view, whether for personal use or as a gift, bamboo leaf green tea is a good choice.

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