The efficacy and role of white tea

Benefits of white tea:

The efficacy of white tea has three anti-radiation, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, three-lowering (lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar) health care effects, as well as nourishing the heart, liver, eyes, mind, qi, and beauty. body effect.

The production process of white tea is very special and the most natural way. It does not fry or knead. It does not prevent the oxidation of tea polyphenols like green tea, nor does it promote its oxidation like black tea. Spread the thin floor on the bamboo mat and place it in the weak sunlight, or place it in the room with good ventilation and light transmission effect, and let it wither naturally. When it is dried to 70% or 80% of the time, it can be dried slowly with a slow fire. Because the production process is simple and processed with the least number of steps, white tea retains the nutrients in the tea leaves to a large extent. People in the place of origin have used white tea since ancient times to clear heat and toxins to eliminate inflammation, sweat to remove dampness and relieve stagnation, and to treat miscellaneous diseases such as wind, fire, toothache, high fever, and measles.

The role of white tea:

1. Can cure diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder of sugar, fat, and protein caused by insufficient insulin and excessive blood sugar. Drinking white tea can cure diabetes, which is a topic that scholars at home and abroad have paid attention to and studied in recent years. Japanese medical doctor Ogawa Goqiro, medical doctor Minowa Tianyi, etc., when treating tuberculosis patients with diabetes, accidentally discovered that white tea has a significant effect on diabetes. curative effect. The Kyoto Imperial University Hospital and the Prefectural Hospital conducted clinical experiments on 10 diabetic patients and found that white tea has a significant effect on chronic diabetes. The Quanzhou People’s Hospital of my country uses “Song tea” (aged white tea more than 70 years old) to treat diabetes with an effective rate of 70%. Of course, ordinary tea is also effective, and other medicines can also be added. People from the tea industry in Fuding, the place where white tea is produced, selected a number of patients with high blood sugar for experiments, and found that 71% of the patients had recovered from their hyperglycemia due to the habit of drinking white tea for half a year. There is scientific evidence that white tea can prevent and treat diabetes. The polyphenols and esters in white tea have the effect of promoting insulin synthesis; the polysaccharides in catechins have the effect of removing excess sugar in the blood. Tea polyphenols have a regulating effect on glucose metabolism disorders in the human body, and can reduce blood sugar levels, thereby effectively preventing and treating diabetes.

2. Can prevent cerebrovascular disease

Cerebrovascular disease is a relatively common disease, including cerebral embolism, cerebral thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage. The formation of thrombus, or the increase of the fragility of the blood vessel wall, caused by external adverse factors, the rupture of blood vessels leads to bleeding.

Why can white tea prevent cerebrovascular disease? A famous professor from Zhejiang Medical University said: Hypercoagulable state is an important condition for thrombosis, while white tea has anticoagulant and fibrinolytic effects, can change the hypercoagulable state, and there is no general anticoagulation. The side effects of drugs have a significant effect on improving health and preventing diseases.

A Chinese medicine research institute has conducted research on white tea and confirmed that tea can reduce blood viscosity. After taking white tea for 2-3 weeks, whole blood viscosity decreased from 4.77 to 4.31 (p<0.01); plasma viscosity decreased from 1.66 to 1.58 (p<0.01); whole blood reduced viscosity decreased from 8.58 to 7.97 (p<0.01) . The three blood viscosity decreased overall, indicating that white tea can reduce blood viscosity, reduce blood hypercoagulability, increase blood fluidity, improve circulation, and prevent thrombosis. Because white tea can also prevent red blood cells from clumping, it is beneficial to reduce blood viscosity and prevent thrombosis.

3. It can lower blood pressure

Why can white tea lower blood pressure? This is related to the chemical components it contains. White tea is rich in tea polyphenols, vitamin C and vitamin p. Tea polyphenols can promote the absorption of vitamin c. Vitamin c can move cholesterol from the arterial wall to the liver, reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, and at the same time enhance the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels. White tea can also indirectly cause blood pressure through the effects of diuresis and sodium excretion. The aminophylline contained in tea can dilate blood vessels, make blood flow easily, and also help to lower blood pressure. Up to now, Chinese medicine practitioners in Fujian area use “”“There are many, and now Baihao Silver Needle can cure high blood pressure has become well-known overseas.

4. Anti-virus and improve immunity

The latest research suggests that white tea extract may have a preventive effect on the growth of bacteria that cause staph infections, streptococcal infections, pneumonia, and dental caries. While previous studies suggested that green tea boosts the immune system that fights disease, this study shows that white tea extract can actually destroy disease-causing tissue in a test tube, researchers at Pace University said. , it is not an old legend, but a fact that white tea extract may have a resistive effect against deadly viruses in humans. Various toothpastes with added white tea extract, the sterilization effect is enhanced. The study also showed that white tea extract has an antifungal effect on Penicillium and yeast, and under the action of white tea extract, Penicillium spores and yeast cells of yeast were completely inhibited, indicating that white tea extract has antifungal effect on pathogenic bacteria effect.

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