There are many benefits to drinking green tea regularly!Expert: Drinking tea should not exceed this temperature, otherwise you may suffer from cancer

Tea is a substance that people often drink in life. It is fragrant and elegant and has sufficient nutrients. There are many benefits of drinking tea regularly. I have to say that it is a more reliable drink in this era. Among the many teas, green tea is an attractive-looking and attractive-tasting tea, and there are some benefits to drinking it regularly. Specifically, please look at it with confidence.

What are the five health benefits of drinking green tea for a month? (Five major changes to the body):

  • The Most Practical Benefit – Increased Water Drinking: (become more water-loving)

Green tea is a good tea drink. Regular drinking can increase the daily water intake. Most of the modern people have the problem of water shortage, and the daily drinking water is insufficient. It is a reliable thing to increase the water intake by brewing and drinking green tea. .

Guaranteed daily water intake can reliably regulate body temperature, promote body metabolism, and prevent dry problems such as constipation.

  • Supplement various nutrients: (become more nutritious)

As a natural plant food (drink), green tea also contains a lot of nutrients, such as catechin, chlorophyll, mineral potassium and other substances. Proper drinking has a good supplementary effect, which is a good thing for the body.

  • Regardless of the nutrient dosage, drinking green tea regularly can enhance the body’s immunity: (immunity becomes stronger)

Whether it is catechin or vitamin C, drinking green tea has a certain intake. The intake of these substances can enhance the body’s immunity and help to resist the invasion of viruses and other harmful substances.

  • Instead of various sweet drinks, it helps to develop good eating habits: (to become healthier eating habits)

Many people do not like to drink water, and always like to drink some “flavored water”. However, the flavored water is mostly sweet drinks such as carbonated drinks and fruit drinks. Frequent consumption of sweet drinks will increase dental caries due to the intake of some sugars. , the risk of obesity and other problems; relatively speaking, green tea is a good drink, natural fragrance and rich in nutrition, it is a good thing to develop a drinking habit.

  • Make your breath more fragrant: (breath becomes more fragrant)

Many people have the problem of bad breath due to various reasons. Drinking green tea in moderation has the effect of refreshing breath. It is recommended that you can also chew some tea leaves to help achieve fresh breath.

Therefore, green tea is a good tea drink (drink), and drinking it often has many benefits. It is recommended to drink it.

Drinking green tea is OK, but still needs to be treated healthily:

  • You can drink tea, but strong tea is not recommended:

Green tea is a good tea drink, and it is recommended to drink light tea; green tea contains a certain amount of tannic acid and phytic acid, and drinking strong tea will enhance the irritation to the gastric mucosa.

  • Reliable tea time:

In order to avoid the greater stimulation of drinking green tea to the body, in order not to increase the burden on the body due to drinking tea; it is recommended that you drink green tea about an hour after meals, on the other hand, it can also promote digestion.

  • Reliably pay attention to the water temperature without adding trouble to the body (more than one temperature is not recommended):

The temperature of tea has an impact on the body. Too low water temperature can easily stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and increase the probability of diarrhea and other problems; too high water temperature can easily increase the probability of esophageal cancer and other problems, and damage the health of the esophagus. Therefore, it is more reliable to drink tea at a temperature close to body temperature.The temperature is not recommended to exceed 65 degrees Celsius.

A cup of mellow and elegant drink, it is recommended to drink it often. Weak tea can promote the body’s metabolism and promote the discharge of waste; it can refresh the breath and enhance the body’s immunity; healthy drinking tea is reliable and healthy, I hope you can taste tea carefully.

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