What is the famous tea in Dujiangyan

What is the famous tea in Dujiangyan

From the Han and Jin Dynasties to the end of the Qing Dynasty, Qingcheng Mountain has been rich in famous tea since ancient times. It is a famous tea area integrating tribute tea, imperial tea and Dao tea. There were tea gardens here in the Song Dynasty, which formed a unique tea-making process. In the 1950s, it absorbed the advantages of traditional tea-making technology and created Qingcheng Snow Cliff.

Qingcheng Xueya quality characteristics

Qingcheng Xueya is a stir-fried green tea. Picked around the Qingming Festival every year. The picking standard is one bud and one leaf.

Qingcheng snow buds are slightly bent into tea strips, and the pekoe is exposed; the soup after brewing is green and bright, the taste is mellow, and it is resistant to brewing.

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