balcony Tables and chairs outdoor Lazy man deck chair outdoors sofa Internet celebrity Rattan weaving Single person Rocking chair cane chair sofa tea table combinationfrom Taobao

Price: ¥380 ≈ $62.81

Domestic Shipping: ¥12 ≈ $1.98

Color classification:

  • Low back sofa (Oliphant rope)
  • High back sofa (Oliphant rope)
  • Rocking chair (Oliphant rope)
  • High back sofa + pedal (Oliphant rope)
  • Rocking chair (Oliphant rope) + marble coffee table
  • Double sofa (Oliphant rope)
  • Foot pedal (Oliphant rope)
  • Round 60 marble coffee table
  • Round 45 triangle coffee table
  • Round 45 corner coffee table
  • Rocking chair Beige (Oliphant rope)

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