Enshi City An Yuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. produced healthy weight loss green t for sale of ec91147804

Enshi “AnYuAn agricultural development co., LTD

Enshi “AnYuAn agricultural development co., LTD., founded in May 2016, registered capital of 5 million yuan, the company is mainly engaged in tea cultivation, acquisition, processing and marketing; The development of tourism commodity, processing and marketing. The company has now become a enshi agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and national trade enterprises in hubei province.

Grab from fountainhead, the company in line with production of products from the base principle, established the enshi high curative value, rich selenium tea, black tea, oolong tea, tea bag 5 modernization production line, annual production capacity of 200 tons. Company has successfully achieved green tea, black tea, tea recorded in the industrial products production license, the development of enshi high curative value, rich selenium tea, time black tea, wild gastrodia elata, dangshen, Chinese herbal medicine and so on more than eighty kinds of new products. Production, experience, being one of the enshi high curative value.

Company spirit of “honesty, responsibility, professional, win-win” business philosophy, bigger and stronger selenium-rich brand, plans to use the first five years made aqua zillion hits for the Chinese organic selenium selenium-rich tea industry benchmark, and build the company into a national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. To the world. All over the world.

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Engaged in: tea, acquisition, cultivation, processing and sales and import and export projects. Chinese medicinal materials, acquisition, cultivation, sale and import and export project. The purchase of farm and sideline products, processing, sales and import and export project. Agricultural information, agricultural science and technology, agricultural technology in the field of technology development, services. Consultation, technology transfer. Fruits and vegetables, flowers, nursery stock, bonsai, nursery, lawn, planting, cultivation and sales. Edible agricultural products processing and sales. Organic agriculture sightseeing tour (including food and beverage), craft gifts, toys, daily necessities, office supplies, sporting goods sales and import and export projects. Advertising business and other business, crops, trees planting and sales. 


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