Menghai specialty tea – what kind of tea belongs to Yunhai Pekoe

Menghai specialty tea - what kind of tea belongs to Yunhai Pekoe

Geography of Menghai County

Menghai County belongs to the tropical and subtropical southwest monsoon climate. The four seasons are like spring, the annual temperature difference is small, the daily temperature difference is large, and there are many foggy times. Yunhai Pekoe is also named after the place where the clouds and mists are shrouded in adulthood and wearing Pekoe.

Nannuo Pekoe is named after the Nannuo Mountain in the east of Menghai County. The deep forest of Nannuo Mountain is rich in vegetation. Tea trees spread all over the mountains and fields along the hillside. The middle-aged clouds and mists are lingering, the soil is fertile, and the humus layer is about half a meter, which provides excellent natural conditions for the growth of large-leaf tea trees.

What kind of tea does Yunhai Pekoe belong to?

Yunhai Pekoe is a kind of red, green and green tea. The fresh leaves are picked from one bud and one leaf in the development and half development, and are processed through the processes of killing, rolling, frying two greens, stripping, shaping, repotting, and drying. Yunhai Pekoe into tea strips are straight, the fronts are exposed, and the color is moist; after brewing, the soup color is bright yellow and green, the aroma is fragrant and pure, the taste is strong and mellow, it is resistant to foaming, and the bottom of the leaves is fresh and tender.

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