What is the most famous tea in Hengxian County, Guangxi?

What is the most famous tea in Hengxian County, Guangxi?

Introduction to Hengxian Tea Production Area

“Guangxi Tongjian” records “Nanshan Baimao tea, the leaves are white and velvety like snow, and the buds are picked immediately. It is as delicate as silver needles, and its color is better than that of Longjing. Nanshan Baimao tea is listed as one of the 24 kinds of famous teas. In 1915, it won the silver medal at the Panama International Exposition, and has been famous all over the world since then.

The Baimao Tea Garden is located in the Nanshan Temple and the main peak of Nanshan Mountain, which is 800-1000 meters away. Most of the tea trees are of middle-leaf species, with strong buds and dense, thin and tender leaves.

Features of Baimao Tea

The Baimao tea process can be divided into five processes: spreading, fixing, rolling, initial drying, and foot drying. The finished tea leaves of Baimao tea are tight and finely curved, covered with fluffy hair, and the color is silvery white and green;

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