What kind of tea is produced in Chiayi, Taiwan

What kind of tea is produced in Chiayi, Taiwan

Chiayi tea production area

Chiayi has only started planting excellent varieties of tea trees in the high-altitude areas of the county in the 1980s. Although Chiayi County has not grown tea for a long time, it has achieved remarkable results. The tea produced in Chiayi is collectively referred to as Alishan tea, especially the Alishan Zhulu tea in Zhuqi Township.

Features of Alishan Zhulu Tea

The picking process of Alishan Zhulu tea is similar to that of Dongding tea. The shape is hemispherical or spherical, with bright dark green and beautiful color; the tea soup is clear, the soup color is golden or light brown; the fragrance is mainly floral or milky, and the fragrance is fragrant. But not greasy; the taste of falling throat is glycolic, and the throat has a long rhyme.

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