What is the most famous tea from Zhangping?

What is the most famous tea from Zhangping?

Characteristics of Zhangping Narcissus

Zhangping narcissus tea cakes are flat and square in shape, dark brown and oily in color, and the tea soup after brewing is dark brown like tea oil; the tea soup has a clear aroma and a mellow taste;

Zhangping narcissus tea cake began around 1941. Deng Guanjin, Zhangping Shuangyang Town, changed the strip-shaped tea leaves into cake-shaped tea leaves that were easy to carry and preserve, and created the narcissus tea cake.

The narcissus tea cake is made of fresh leaves of the narcissus variety, and pressed tea in the shape of a square cake according to the oolong tea process.

What is the most famous tea from Zhangping?

The production process of narcissus tea cake is seven steps: drying, drying, shaking, frying, rolling, shaping and baking. Among them, the shape and baking are the most special: the shape is to lay about five inches of white raw-edged paper on the table, place a mold more than three inches high on it, fill in the rolled tea leaves, compact it with a mallet, and finally wrap it with white paper Tightly seal the tea block to form a cube-shaped tea block; baking is a low-temperature slow-roasting of the tea block. The whole process often takes a whole day to form the unique quality of the tea cake.

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