The practice of Tibetan butter tea and the etiquette of drinking tea

The practice of Tibetan butter tea

When making butter tea, first boil the tea leaves or brick tea with water to make it thick and thick, then pour the tea water into the butter tea bucket called “Dong Mo” by Tibetans, then add ghee and salt, and forcefully pull the “Jialuo” up and down. Dozens of times, stir until the camellia tea blends, and then pour it into the pot and heat it, and it becomes a fragrant and delicious butter tea.

The practice of Tibetan butter tea and the etiquette of drinking tea

The etiquette of drinking butter tea

1. When the guest is asked to sit at the Tibetan table, the host takes a wooden bowl (or teacup) and puts it in front of the guest.

2. The host or housewife lifts the butter teapot and shakes it a few times, and pours a bowl of butter tea for the guests. When pouring tea, the teapot should be gently shaken several times to make the tea oil even, and the bottom of the pot should not be higher than the table top to show respect for the guests. The guest does not drink the butter tea that has just fallen, but chats with the host first.

3. The host once again mentioned that when the butter teapot stood in front of the guests, the guests picked up the bowl, dipped a little tea with the ring finger, and sprinkled it three times to dedicate it to the gods, dragons and earth spirits. Gently blow a circle in the ghee bowl to blow away the oil flowers floating on the tea, then take a sip, and praise: “This ghee tea is so well beaten, the oil and the tea are inseparable.” The tea should not be too hasty or too fast, and it should not be drunk to the end, and about half of it should be reserved for the master to add more.

4. The guest puts the bowl back on the table, and the host fills it up again. In this way, drink and add, generally drink three bowls as auspicious, do not drink it all at once.

Note: The enthusiastic host will always refill the guests’ tea bowls. If you don’t want to drink any more, don’t touch it; if you drink half of it and don’t want to drink any more, the host fills the bowl and you set it aside. When the guests are about to leave, they can drink a few more sips together, but not dry, and keep some tea base in the bowl.

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