Accent Chairs, Armchairs and Living Room Chairs

Add seating and style to your living space with our unique and eclectic array of chairs. From classic and casual pieces to contemporary designs that make a stunning addition to any living space, World Market makes it chic and affordable to update the living room.

What are accent chairs used for?

An accent chair is seating that makes a statement. In addition to providing an extra spot for guests to sit, accent chairs play an essential role in home interiors by adding distinct character to a space. These pieces should complement rather than compete with your existing decor, whether adding a pop of color to a monochromatic palette or drawing out a particular hue in the room. While the most popular place to introduce accent seating is in the living room, these versatile chairs can also liven up the look of a dining room, entryway, office or bedroom. Accent chairs offer an easy way to express your individuality through fabric, style and materials. If you need ideas on adding even more personality to your space, we can help you learn how to decorate with texture.

How do I choose a comfortable armchair or accent chair?

Rule #1 – never compromise comfort. An armchair or accent chair is more than just a pretty piece of furniture – it’s meant to be used. Choose a chair with an angled back that’s high enough to support your shoulder blades while cushioning your lower back. If the chair has arms, the armrests should be high enough to provide comfortable support for your forearms and elbows. The firmness of the seating surface is also another feature to consider. Be sure to find a chair with the right fill density for your personal level of comfort. Whether for lounging or long conversations, you want an accent chair that is welcoming. Adding a floor lamp next to your chair can create a cozy corner for curling up with your favorite read. Find tips on illuminating a reading nook with these bright ideas.

What is the best chair for a bedroom?

When adding an accent chair to your bedroom, the goal is to create visual balance. The most important thing to take into consideration is the scale of your existing bedroom furniture. For instance, if most of your furnishings are sleek and streamlined, a bulky recliner will look totally out of place. If you want a seamless continuation of your current aesthetic, stick with a chair that mimics the angles of your furniture and decor. When it comes to color and pattern, you have a little more leeway. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Lastly, measure the area where you want to place the chair – then measure again.

Should accent chairs match your sofa?

No, accent chairs don’t have to match your sofa. It’s really more about personal preference. A simple rule of thumb for a put-together look? An accent chair should fit the overall design aesthetic of other furnishings in the room. Find a common characteristic that ties the pieces together to create an eclectic yet cohesive presentation that’s fresh and inspired. Suppose you decide on a solid fabric in a neutral hue. In that case, you have the option of playing with color, pattern and texture simply by adding throw pillows. On the flip side, a solid sofa in gray, black, tan or white paired with an accent chair in a bold hue or dynamic pattern will instantly energize your space.

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