35 verses about tea

35 verses about tea

1. The rhyme of bamboo, rain, pine, organ, and the sound of tea, smoke, and moon.

2. A cup of spring dew is temporarily reserved for guests, and the two armpits are breeze and ecstatic.

3. Tea is also intoxicating, why wine, books can be fragrant and I don’t need flowers.

4. Sigh, come to pay the old, and whoever sleeps has afternoon tea.

5. Spring is harvested in the mountains, and fragrant should be fried in bamboo.

6. When I watch the crabs splash, I see fish scales at first glance. Suspicion of loose rain, fear of smoke.

7. Fragrant dew on flowers, water absorbs stone springs.

8. Wuyi Spring is warm at the beginning of the month, picking new buds and offering ground immortals.

9. Visitors from Xiucuiming Lake have come to the stream, and the ancient well is happy and the tea is picked.

35 verses about tea

10. Wuwu drunkard is affectionate and wants to drink a cup with a bucket.

11. Boil new tea with water from the river and buy all the green hills as a painting screen.

12. Huajian Ming bowl fragrant for thousands of years, Yunying Boguanghuo on the first floor.

13. Sweep the bamboo leaves to cook tea, chop the pine roots and cook the vegetable roots.

14. Water draws dragon brain fluid, tea cooks Buxus spring.

15. For ten years, Xu Juliu has a predestined relationship with the West Lake and is to taste this water.

16. Quanxiang is good for relieving phases like thirst, hot red and leisurely commenting on Po’s old poems.

17. There are roads at both ends, eat one cup and separate things.

18. Bisque spreads in a quiet night, full of fragrance.

35 verses about tea

19. Come or not, go without hesitation, without restraint and convenience.

20. Yangxianchun tea, grass green, Lanling wine tulip.

21. Sweep the cold and English at night and cook the green dust, and the pine breeze into the tripod is more refreshing.

22. Preference for light and tasteful tea, and a cup of Qingming is more true.

23. The half-bed dream just returned, and the new stream was fried at the beginning of the living fire.

24. Cool breeze in autumn night and rain in summer, clear spring bamboo tea on the stone.

25. Bamboo shade makes a few pianos easy to rhyme, and tea smokes through the windows to create fragrance.

26. Songtao cooks the snow and wakes up poetry dreams, and the bamboo courtyard floats with smoke and dust.

27. Jiuquyi Mountain picks sparrow tongue, boiled dragon group in a stream of living water.

35 verses about tea

28. Buxus has not been rained in March, and dragon buds occupy a new spring.

29. The green leaves and the ice bowl are green, and the green buds illuminate the jade cup.

30. Being shocked by alcohol and sleeping heavily, gambling and books are scented with tea

31. The spring comes from the stone, and the tea comes from the peak to have a rounder taste.

32. Thousands and autumns are the same, but the green hills are not old, just like seeing an old friend

33. Drinking is a long way but sleepy, people in Higao are thirsty for tea

34. The play Xiaoshijun smiled, and Jiaming has always been like a beautiful lady.

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