What happened to a group of owners in a Xinhui community that broke half of the highway?

What happened to a group of owners in a Xinhui community that broke half of the highway?

What happened to a group of owners in a Xinhui community that broke half of the highway?

This year’s Xinhui orange harvest is great. The latest statistics show that the output of Xinhui orange will reach 7,000 tons, the processing volume of orange tea will reach 4,000 tons, and the industry output value will be close to 3 billion yuan. In the face of this gratifying achievement, some people are happy and some are worried.

Community spokesperson Zhang Shu: “I am community spokesperson Zhang Shu. I am walking in Xinhui and the environment is also very comfortable. (Nose sniffs for a while) Why is there such a big orange peel? You see, a lot of orange peels!”

Uncle Zhang’s location is Dongqing South Road, Huicheng, Xinhui District. Following the direction of Uncle Zhang’s fingers, you can see that most of the road is covered with orange peels, and more than a dozen workers are peeling orange peels intensively.

Citizen Mr. Deng: “I see every year that many of them are dried on the roadside. They are not very environmentally friendly and very dusty.”

Citizen Mr. Zhang: “This year is particularly serious. There were not so many in previous years. (Uncle Zhang: Should you pay attention to your own safety and the safety of others?). Uncle: It’s hard to know the car and affect the traffic?) Yes, we can drive a little bit more carefully. If it is a large car, we don’t know what’s going on.”

Xinhui is known as the “Hometown of Chinese Chenpi”, and Xinhui Chenpi has been included in the “National Geographical Indication Protection Product”. The orange peel industry has become a highlight of Xinhui’s modern characteristic agriculture. Therefore, most citizens understand the behavior of fruit farmers drying orange peels on the highway, but this is an illegal act after all. “The Highway Law of the People’s Republic of China” clearly stipulates that no unit or individual may stack objects within the highway land.

Worker drying orange peels: “(Uncle Zhang: You just need to dry it in the drying yard. What do you think of the road over there?) It is about to rain and there is no place to put it.”

Owner of the tangerine peel factory: “Xinhui now promotes tangerine peels. I can’t get good tangerine peels if there is nowhere.”

The owner of the orange peel factory said that the weather forecast is about to rain, and they must quickly finish drying the orange peels, otherwise this large amount of orange peels will be “waste.” Although the boss has the “difficulties” of the boss, the rotten pulp piled around and the orange peel on the road also caused the nearby residents to be distressed.

Mr. Jiang, a nearby resident: “It’s okay to dry the orange peel. The problem is not to pile the orange meat over there. (Boss: Not from the same family) Even if you are not from the same family, you have the same intersection on your side. It will be troublesome when I come back. , The intersection is already very narrow. (For this reason) the group of owners has already made a lot of noise, so let me be a representative to talk about it. The first one is smelly, the second one is blockage, which reflects a long time. (Boss: Yes. , I won’t stop you now).”

Community spokesperson Uncle Zhang: “Can you deal with each other well? (Boss: Yes) (Mr. Jiang: Thank you very much) First, don’t expose them on the road. Second, the flesh must be handled properly. (Boss: OK).

Uncle Zhang believes that drying orange peels on the highway not only affects the access of nearby residents, but also poses greater safety risks. Under Zhang Shu’s persuasion, the owner of the tangerine peel factory quickly realized his mistake and promised to deal with it as soon as possible.

Promoting the development of local characteristic industries is a good thing, but it should not cause inconvenience to others, not to mention occupying the road to dry orange peels is not only illegal, but also has greater safety risks. However, the boss’s handling attitude is pretty good, and I hope that it is not just talking, but a smooth road to the residents as soon as possible.

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