I was crying, what kind of tea should I drink in winter?

What kind of tea should I drink in winter

What kind of tea should I drink in winter

1. Dark tea

Dark tea, also known as slimming tea, can digest fat and greasy meat, and adjust the body’s sugar metabolism, water metabolism and fat metabolism. Dark tea is also very unique. It is similar to traditional Chinese medicine tangerine peel. The longer it is stored, the better. During storage, it produces a variety of enzymes, which are good for kidneys and diabetes.

What kind of tea should I drink in winter

Chrysanthemum Pu’er Tea

It has the effects of clearing heat, relieving heat, detoxification, digestion, removing fat, diuresis, laxative, expectorant, dispelling wind, relieving the surface, relieving cough and promoting fluid, boosting energy, and prolonging life.

Rose Pu’er Tea

Relieving chest tightness and irritability has a good effect on relieving tension and depression.

Second, red date tea

The cold winter is especially suitable for drinking red date tea. Red dates have the effect of enhancing physical fitness and strengthening muscle strength. In addition, due to the high sugar content of red dates and large calories, they are especially suitable for consumption in winter.

What kind of tea should I drink in winter

Red Date Wolfberry Tea

It is best to use 10-15 red dates each time. Cut the peels of the dates and place them in a teacup. Add some wolfberries and boil water to make a tea instead. Regular serving has the effect of nourishing the stomach and is a tonic drink suitable for all ages.

Red Date Longan Tea

5 red dates, 5 longan, 1 packet of sugar, which can be increased or decreased according to personal taste.

First peel the red dates and longans separately (the red dates are fried in an iron pan and then soaked in water, the nutrients will be soaked quickly), and then brewed in hot water (about 1 pot) for 8-10 minutes, add appropriate amount of sugar. Can.

Longan jujube tea is simple to make, it can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish the heart and appetite, while drinking longan jujube tea can also promote fat decomposition.

Three, black tea

Black tea is also a tea that is very suitable for drinking in winter, because black tea has the functions of refreshing and reducing fatigue, promoting body fluid and clearing heat, diuresis, anti-inflammation and sterilization, detoxification, strengthening muscles and bones, preventing aging, nourishing and protecting stomach, relaxing blood vessels, and beneficial to the heart.

What kind of tea should I drink in winter

Milk black tea

100 grams of fresh milk, 3 grams of black tea, appropriate amount of salt. First boil the black tea into a thick juice, remove the slag to get the juice; after the milk is boiled, add the tea juice, and at the same time add an appropriate amount of salt, and mix thoroughly.

Black tea is sweet and warm, good at storing yang, generating heat and warming the abdomen, which can enhance the body’s resistance to cold.

In addition, people increase their appetite in winter and eat more greasy food. Drinking black tea can dispel greasy, appetite, and promote health. The flavonoids contained in black tea have strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, which make the flu virus lose its infectivity and have a positive effect on preventing colds.

Milk black tea is suitable for acquaintances with weak complexion, insufficient qi and blood, and dry skin. Replace tea with an empty stomach in the morning and drink slowly.

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