Which brand of guava tea is good

The main producing areas of guava are distributed in Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, and Taiwan. Picked in summer and autumn, dried in the sun, can be made into tea. Which brand of guava tea is good? First of all, when you buy guava tea, you can choose according to the place of origin. High-quality guava tea must be guaranteed by high-quality raw materials. Secondly, the choice of formula and price are reasonable, and the price-performance ratio of such tea products is relatively high. After all, tea is consumed daily, and cost-effectiveness is the kingly way! Here is a brief introduction to several guava teas for your reference only.

Wansongtang Guava Tea: RMB 198 per box of 2g*20 bags. Hand-picked from the young leaves of guava in the deep mountains of Yunnan, the hypoglycemic formula is refined from natural plants such as mulberry leaves and tartary buckwheat which are the same as medicine and food, avoiding the side effects of western medicine and the insufficient hypoglycemic effect of a single product. The unique combination formula has a synergistic effect to increase the absorption rate of the human body to more than 70%.

Zhishentang Guava Tea: 500g for 69 yuan. Made from selected pure natural and zero-pollution wild guava, this tea is suitable for men, women and children, and does not contain any preservatives. It is a good daily health drink for diabetic patients and senior friends.

Kanghui Nianhua Guava Sanjiang Tea: 2.5g*20 bags of 48 yuan. It is formulated from several natural herbs and contains no chemical ingredients. It has super antioxidant capacity. Long-term drinking can prevent cancer and heart disease, and effectively lower blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipids.

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