The pharmacological effects of Radix Isatidis Herbal Tea and their opinions

There is a kind of medicine that is usually stored in every household; there is a kind of medicine that can be counted as a cup of drink for serious or minor illnesses, or for treatment or prevention. This is so magical. The medicine is Radix Isatidis herbal tea; since the outbreak of SARS in 2008, Radix Isatidis herbal tea has played a major role, and Radix isatidis has become a traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It has miraculous effects and brand value. Under the environment, Banlangen herbal tea has become a must-have product familiar to consumers.

The pharmacological effects of Radix Isatidis Herbal Tea and their opinions

Banlangen, the name of Chinese medicine. Common aliases: Indigo root, Lonicera edulis root, Daqing root, which is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. Bitter, cold. It has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, cooling blood and relieving pharynx. It is commonly used for febrile disease, fever, sore throat, febrile stains, cheeks, rotten throat pill, big head plague, erysipelas, and carbuncle. The pharmacological effects of Radix Isatidis herbal tea are as follows: 1. Antibacterial and antiviral effects. 2. Anti-leptospira effect. 3. Detoxification. 4. Improve immune function. 5. Anti-tumor effect. 6. The effect on leukemia.

According to various scholars, ① “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: Treating Heaven and Exercising Heat Toxin. ② “Materia Medica”: Zhitianxing big head fever. ③ “Materia Medica Reading”: Isatis root is indigo root, its function, nature and taste are the same as indigo leaf, can enter the liver and stomach blood, but only four of them are heat-clearing, detoxification, anti-epidemic, and insecticide. But the leaves are scattered, the roots are descended, and this is the same in the different ears. ④ “Classification of herbal properties”: relieving various poisons and malignant sores, dispersing toxins and removing fire, pounding juice or taking or applying. ⑤ “Modern Practical Chinese Medicine”: Malangen is a cooling, antipyretic and antidote, used for erysipelas and puerperal fever. ⑥ “Chinese Medicine History”: detoxification, cooling blood to stop bleeding. Cure fever spots, erysipelas, sore throat, macrocephaly, vomiting blood, blemishes and other symptoms. ⑦”Liaoning Handbook of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicine”: treat hepatitis and mumps. ⑧ “Commonly used Chinese herbal medicine in Shanghai”: treat cold and fever. ⑨ “Guangxi Chinese Herbal Medicine”: treat Japanese encephalitis, influenza, meningitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis, tonsillitis.

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