There are taboos for soaking Baixianpi in water

There are many ways to take Chinese herbal medicines. Some need to be put in a medicine pot and boiled for a few hours, and finally the soup is the essence of the night, and some need to be grinded and applied to the wound. On the surface, there are many other kinds of tea that need to be soaked in water, because it is more convenient to drink, so it is easier to be accepted by people; there are many teas that are soaked in water, such as chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, fruit tea, etc., and there is Baixianpi, Baixianpi soaked in water has many benefits, but there are also taboos, let’s see what are the taboos for Baixianpi soaked in water?

There are taboos for soaking Baixianpi in water

White fresh skin, alias white moss skin, eight-legged cow, mountain peony, sheep fresh grass, Latin name CORTEXDICTAMNI Chinese medicine name. It is the root bark of a perennial herbaceous plant of the Rutaceae family Baixian and angustifolia. Mainly produced in Liaoning, Hebei, Sichuan, Jiangsu and other places. In spring and autumn, the roots are excavated, sand and coarse bark are removed, the root bark is stripped, sliced, and dried. Raw. It has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, expelling wind and detoxification. “The Nature of Medicine” treats all hot toxins, bad winds, wind sores, scabies, red rottenness, brittle eyebrows, brittle skin and muscles, strong heat and aversion to colds, mainly antipyretic yellow, wine yellow, acute yellow, corn yellow, and labor yellow Wait. Modern research shows that the volatile oil of this product has anti-cancer effects in vitro. However, it should be used with caution if the spleen and stomach are weak and cold.

Effect on the smooth muscle of the uterus and intestines. Leysine has a strong contraction effect on the smooth muscles of rabbits and guinea pigs. Inoline can also strengthen the uterine contractions of cats or rabbits, and strengthen the influence of epinephrine on the uterus. Yajiaoine has no effect on the spontaneous contraction of the rat uterus, but it can weaken the rat uterine contraction caused by oxytocin, and the saccharine can increase it. Saccharine can inhibit the contraction of the small intestine, Saccharine can inhibit the ileal spasm of rabbits in vitro caused by barium chloride. Saccharine and Saccharine can relax the sphincter of Oddi. It has been reported that Saccharine and Saccharine can relax the sphincter of Oddi. The antispasmodic effect on rats and guinea pigs is stronger than that of a single alkaloid.

It is contraindicated that women during pregnancy and patients with deficiency-cold syndrome should not take Baixianpi to avoid causing health abnormalities. In addition, although Baixian peel has the effect of drying dampness after persuasion, it is not recommended to take Baixian peel if the physique is in the lower part of the patient to avoid abnormal health conditions. In addition, when taking Baixianpi, the editor recommends that this Chinese medicinal material is not suitable to be taken with Poria cocos, Citrus sinensis, Citrus sinensis, and Platycodon grandiflorum. These medicinal materials should not be combined with Baixianpi, otherwise it will be harmful to the body. chemical reaction. Therefore, you must pay attention to drug contraindications when using white fresh peel in your life to avoid health problems.

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