What are the effects and functions of Xihuangcao tea?

According to the literal meaning, many people may mistake the yellow grass as a kind of herbal medicine that grows on the side of a small stream. The color is yellow. In fact, it is not. The yellow grass is a perennial herb. Shaped, densely growing slender fibrous roots, upright stems, up to 1.5 m, blunt quadrangular, with four shallow grooves, thin stripes, purple, base woody, nearly glabrous, densely puberulent upwards, upper part Multi-branched, mature small nuts are broad oval, 1.5 mm long, rounded at the top, with glandular dots and white beard hairs. Then, what are the effects and functions of Xihuangcao tea?

What are the effects and functions of Xihuangcao tea?

The whole herb is used as medicine to treat acute hepatitis, acute cholecystitis, bruises and swelling. The effective ingredients of Xihuangcao, Xihuangcaosu A and Cauvellin A, have anti-cancer activity and have a significant inhibitory effect on human cervical cancer cells. Scholars at home and abroad have set off an upsurge in the study of Xihuangcao and have published hundreds of papers. According to reports, the main active ingredient of Xihuangcao is flavonoids, which has a significant inhibitory effect on the replication of hepatitis virus. The clinical effect is as high as 84%, which is even better than the mixture of interferon and ribavirin.

Xihuangcao is a traditional anti-hepatitis herbal medicine in China. More than 10 Xihuangcao preparations have been developed in China, but no single-component Xihuangcao preparation has been approved by the State. It is estimated that the sales volume of Xihuangcao preparation is about 100-200 million yuan. Domestic companies have used Xihuangcao, Hedyotis diffusa, Polygonum cuspidatum, Danshen, etc. to process into compound medicines for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B or C.

Xihuangcao has the effects of clearing heat and dampness, relieving yellowness and dispelling dampness, cooling blood and dissipating blood stasis, and is used to treat acute jaundice hepatitis, acute cholecystitis, dysentery, enteritis, constriction, bruises and blood stasis. In fact, Xihuangcao cannot treat chronic hepatitis. For acute infectious jaundice hepatitis B, Xihuangcao can be used for acute treatment. If it is chronic hepatitis B, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for targeted treatment, otherwise it may delay the disease. , Thereby increasing the difficulty of healing. The Chinese herbal medicine Xihuangcao has a certain effect on hepatitis, but its effect on the treatment of small three yang is very limited.

Although Xihuangcao has certain effects on heat-clearing and detoxifying the human body, its side effects are also inevitable. If Xihuangcao is taken for a long time, it will also produce certain side effects. The content of the ingredients of the medicine is different, and the side effects produced are also Different, rational use of Xihuangcao has fewer side effects. The serious adverse symptoms caused by Xihuangcao are currently unknown. If it is taken improperly, it will backfire, increase the burden on the liver and affect the condition.

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