The effect and method of Donglingcao soaked in water

The most commonly used Chinese medicine to moisturize the throat is peppermint, honey or Luo Han Guo. In fact, there are many kinds of Chinese medicine that can have the same effect. Here is a Chinese medicine called Dong Ling Cao; The effect of Lingcao soaking in water is accepted by many people, especially those who are engaged in broadcasting and other jobs. They like Donglingcao soaking in water to drink, because it can not only clear away heat, but also moisturize the throat and lungs; let’s introduce Dongling. The effect and method of drinking grass soaked in water.

The effect and method of Donglingcao soaked in water

The traditional Chinese medicine Dong Lingcao, also known as mountain vanilla, blood-breaking pill, snow grass, wild husk, June Ling, mountain fern, ice ling grass and so on. It is the whole plant of Cardamine, a plant of the Lamiaceae. The base of the stem is nearly round, and the upper part is square columnar, 30-70cm long. The lower surface is gray-brown or gray-brown, and the outer skin peels off longitudinally; the upper skin is reddish-purple, soft, hard and brittle, and the section is light yellow. The leaves are opposite, the leaves are shrunken, and are ovate or diamond-ovate after flattening, 2-6cm long, 1.5-3cm wide, sharp or acuminate at the apex, broadly wedge-shaped at the base, and suddenly narrow and extend into false wings , With thick serrated edges, corpus callosum on tooth tips, brown-green above, glandular dots, light green below, sparse pilose along veins; petiole. The cyme-shaped panicles are terminal, the total stalk is densely pilose with small pedicels and the inflorescence axis; the flowers are small; the calyx is bell-shaped, the calyx teeth are 5, the two-lipped, the corolla is two-lipped, and the stamens are 4. Nutlets are obovate, triangular, light brown, and glabrous. Slightly fragrant, bitter and sweet in taste.

[The role of Rubescens]

1. Anti-cancer effect

The anti-tumor effect of Rubescens vulgaris is mainly used to prevent and treat esophageal cancer in the folk. Combined with chemotherapy, it can reduce the adverse reactions of chemotherapy drugs, improve the curative effect, and have a certain curative effect on severe esophageal epithelial hyperplasia. In addition, it has a significant effect on acute laryngitis and acute suppurative tonsillitis, and also has a good effect on chronic bronchitis and chronic pharyngitis.

2. Heat-clearing effect

Studies have found that Rubescens also has the effects of antipyretic, lowering dryness and moisturizing the throat, lowering blood lipids, and lowering blood pressure. It has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on colds, fever, sores in the mouth and tongue, and scorching heat. It can be used as a daily health drink for middle-aged and elderly people and some special groups, such as teachers, actors, announcers, etc., and has the effect of delaying aging.

3. Health effect

Dongling grass is in the Taihang Mountain area of ​​Hebi, and the local people “have it in every household.” Suffer from toothache, sore throat, soak in water and drink, and heal after three times. There is a saying among the folks that “drink a bowl of ice lingcao every day, anti-wrinkle, remove spots and nourish the appearance, brighten the voice and clear the voice, and drive away the disease and the body and mind.”

Donglingcao is a plant with comprehensive development and utilization value. Donglingcao has been drunk as tea by folks in the Taihang Mountains since ancient times. Because of its functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying, clearing throat and throat, and relieving pain, it is popular in the local area, and it is known as “magic grass” and “king house fairy grass”.

[How to brew Dong Lingcao]

Tools/Materials: Wild Rubescens


1. Take a little with the palm of your hand, about 1-1.5 grams, use a balance to weigh a little more, and then spread them all.

2. Wash with clean water, because the wild rubescens inevitably has floating dust, then add 200-300ml of boiling water and let it soak for 5 minutes. It can also be poured into a pot and boiled for 1 minute, the fastest tea production.

3. After boiling water for 5 minutes, add water 1-2 times until the taste is weak, three times a day after drinking slowly.


For brewing wild rubescens, it is recommended to use boiling water for the best results.

Dongling tea is sweet and delicious. If you are afraid of hardship, you can add a little honey.

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